Valentine's Event 2023

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Happy Valentine's Day everyone.

For this year’s day of the hearts, we will be doing a rerunning our 2018 event to give our new players the opportunity to obtain the earlier Valentine items launched during the previous events.

But we have not forgotten our more seasoned players. Do stay tuned to see what we have in stored for you.


Its that time of the year again and Cupid is beat!

With so much matchmaking to be done, he don't have time to make his own match and boy, does he want to.

Normally gods aren’t supposed to fraternize with humans, but he just can’t seem to help himself.

He’s met a very special lady, Psyche. She is like no other human he's ever met before and he decides he wants to give her some Valentine's Chocolates to romance her the old fashioned way.

The only problem is Cupid is so busy making others lovey-dovey, he simply does not have the time to make chocolates of his own.

He needs your help to make the chocolates while he attends duties and will reward you plentiful for your help.

To begin, speak to Cupid at Prontera (155, 285). Agree to help him and he will direct you to his helper Tomson at the Jawaii Bar (192, 217)

Tomson Valentine Tomson.png will help you make the chocolates and he’ll even pass down his long time recipe to you.

All you have to do is gather the ingredients needed to make chocolates. You will also need to gather special ingredients from the Heartrings that only gather around the world during the Valentine season.

This is a Heartring.
Oh, don't you just feel like popping it?

Just be careful Tomson has a nasty habit of eating when he’s sad since Valentine’s day is always a lonely one for him, he might very well eat your chocolate before you can give it to Cupid!

Event Chocolate Recipes & Ingredients

Event Milk Chocolate.png ___ Event White Chocolate.png ___ Event Strawberry Chocolate.png
Event Milk Chocolate ___ Event White Chocolate ___ Event Strawberry Chocolate
1 MilkMilk.gif
4 CacaoCacao.gif
3 HoneyHoney.gif
2 Love FluffFluff.gif
2 Love HeartHeart.gif
2 Love FabricFabric.gif
2 Love SteelSteel.gif
2 Love SilkSoft Silk.gif
1 MilkMilk.gif
2 CacaoCacao.gif
3 HoneyHoney.gif
3 White DyestuffWhite Dye.gif
7 Love FluffFluff.gif
7 Love HeartHeart.gif
7 Love FabricFabric.gif
7 Love SteelSteel.gif
7 Love SilkSoft Silk.gif
3 MilkMilk.gif
3 CacaoCacao.gif
4 HoneyHoney.gif
15 StrawberryStrawberry.gif
4 Love FluffFluff.gif
4 Love HeartHeart.gif
4 Love FabricFabric.gif
4 Love SteelSteel.gif
4 Love SilkSoft Silk.gif

Turn in these ingredients to Tomson. If your chocolates survives being emotional eaten by the lonely Doram, you can then deliver the chocolates to Cupid.

Cupid will reward you with 1-3 Valentine Goodie Bags (2023) per chocolate you deliver to him.

Hint: Each chocolate have its own rate on how much Goodie Bags Cupid will give you in return.

Valentine Goodie Bag (2023)Valentine Goodie Bag 2023.png

Contains these possible drops:

Gift of Panagia Luna on Shoulder Cat Ear Ribbon Dancing Butterfly Valentine's Cap
Pierced Heart Rose Piece Spinning Hearts Cupid's Harp (F) Cupid's Harp (M)
Choco Love Hat Heart Ring Kitten Love Valentine's Topper Gent Hat

Usables and misc
Bloody Card Album Box'o'Cuddles I Love You Firecracker RDC Tags Bubblegum
Token of Siegfried Box (5) Enriched Oridecon Enriched Elunium Asteria Demon Skin
Hardened Steel Heartwood

Cupid Egg Heartring Egg

Costume: Sakura Wings Costume: Darkness Horn Costume: Nydhog Rumor
Wedding Ribbon gif.gif
Costume: Wedding Ribbon
Spring Day gif.gif
Costume: Spring Day