Two-Hand Quicken

From Revival Ragnarok Online

None Two-Hand Quicken Skill Info
Type: Active Skill
Levels: 10
SP Cost: 10 + 4*SkillLV
Cast Time: Instant
Cast Delay: None
Duration: 30*SkillLV sec
Target: Self
Range: None
Element: None
Catalyst: None
Status Icon: None
Two-Handed Sword Mastery (Lv1)

Skill Description

Decreases weapon swing delay with two-handed swords by 30%. This skill only works with Two-Hand Sword class weapons and the effect cancels when switching to any other type.

Skill LevelSkill DurationSP Consumption
130 seconds14
260 seconds18
3120 seconds26
4140 seconds28
5150 seconds30
6180 seconds34
7210 seconds38
8240 seconds42
9270 seconds46
10300 seconds50

Other Notes

On all servers, this skill is unchanged and retains the original effect.



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