St. Patrick's Event 2023

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St patrick 20023 art.png

To begin this year's St Patrick's event, speak to our favourite O'Riley the Leprechaun at (prt_fild05 170, 286).

O'Riley 2023 location.png

O'Riley had hidden his gold so the Minions of the Snake Lord would not be able to get their slithery coils on them this year.

However, he had over-secured his hiding place, and now he needs you to fetch 200 Firecracker small icon.gifFirecrackers to blast it open.

Once you have the 200 Firecracker small icon.gifFirecrackers, bring them to (mjolnir_01 271, 363). In order for the quest to proceed properly, the player must walk by this spot and follow the message prompts that pop up.
Doing this successfully consumes all 200 Firecracker small icon.gifFirecrackers, causes the Lord of Vermillion skill animation, and you will gain the item Treasure Box. Return to O'Riley with the Treasure Box.

    • Note: If you are over 50% weight you will not be able to get the Treasureberry small icon.gifTreasure Box.
  1. After returning the Treasure Box to O'Riley, he asks you to rest, then speak to him again.
    • Gain 200,000 Base & 70,000 Job Exp
  2. He then asks you to retrieve his kinsmen's coins from the filthy snakes. O'Riley will give you 1 Vinho Verde icon.gifVinho Verde for every 10 Coin.gifGold Coins + 10 Abrasive.gifGreen Ales which you can obtain by hunting the Snake Lord's Minions.
    • Note: Players can only get a maximum of 20 Vinho Verde icon.gifVinho Verde at a time from O'Riley when trading with him.

Snake Minions & Maps

The Snake Lord's Minions are easy mobs to hunt. They come in the appearances of common snake mobs.
Snake Minions.png

Boa___Anacondaq___Side Winder___Isis

The maps where they occur are shown below (vibrant coloured maps).

St Patrick Snake Map 2023.png

Map List
Geffen Mjolnir Morrocc Payon Prontera


Vinho Verdes Vinho Verde small.png are obtained from O'Riley by trading 10 Coin.gifGold Coins + 10 Abrasive.gifGreen Ales which players collect from the Snake Minions.
Vinho Verdes contain these possible drops below:

Woodie Hat Forest Guide Four Leaf Clover Fruit of Eden
Luck o' Pint Leprecoin Sweet Potato in Mouth

Usables and misc
Magic Card Album Old Card Album Yggdrasil Seed Yggdrasil Berry Bubblegum
Enriched Elunium Enriched Oridecon Instant Novice Packet Instant Baby Packet Pancakes
Event Point Coin Soul Link Potion Damned Scroll Abrasive RDC Tags
Token of Siegfried Bloody Branch Heartwood

Clovering Egg Woodie Egg

Costume: Nydhog Rumour V2 Costume: Umbrella Leaf Luck o' Leprechaun
Leprechaun Spirit Costume: Four Leaf Clover Costume: Orange Tabby Cat

Gold Coin Collector

The Gold Coin Collector is back once again for St Patrick's. He can be found on the small bridge at Hugel (125, 205)

Gold Coin Collector NPC.png

He accepts Leprecoin.gif Gold Coins for the following options.

Note: The coins that the Gold Coin Collector accepts is Leprecoin.gif Gold Coin ID: 7720 which are different from the Coin.gifGold Coin ID:7517 obtained by hunting Snake Minions.

Normal Items
15 Leprecoin.gifGold Coins 30 Leprecoin.gifGold Coins
2x Scroll of Professional Knowledge
2x Old Card Album
2x Enriched Elunium
2x Enriched Oridecon
3x Rainbow Twisler
5x Rainbow Acid
5x Yggdrasil Berry
5x Pancakes
3x Gold
2x Bloody Branch
1x Magic Card Album
1x Character Storage Ticket
1x Token of Ziegfried Box (10)
1x Piece of Paradise
2x Level Up Coupon
2x Yggdrasil Berry Voucher
3x Job Level Up Coupon
3x Scroll of All Knowledge
5x Regeneration Potion
5x Speed Potion
20x Pancakes

Rare Items
Item Leprecoin.gifGold Coin Cost
Luck o' Pint 50Leprecoin.gifGold Coins
Rainbow Confetti 80Leprecoin.gifGold Coins
Green Scarf 100Leprecoin.gifGold Coins
Leprecoin 50Leprecoin.gifGold Coins
Leprechaun Spirit 150Leprecoin.gifGold Coins
Costume: Luck o' Popo Hat 200Leprecoin.gifGold Coins
Costume: Nature's Wings 300Leprecoin.gifGold Coins

Players can also trade in unwanted Leprechaun Spirit Costumes for 10 Leprecoin.gifGold Coins and all other St. Patrick's Event Equipment for 5Leprecoin.gifGold Coins.

May the luck of the Irish be with you!!!~~