St. Patrick's Event 2020

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Luck o' the Leprechaun had his gold coins stolen by some naughty fairies when he was drunk and his gold coins were hidden along with other treasures and scattered across Midgard. On every odd hour, some magical treasure chests will appear in towns or fields. The treasure chest can only be seen by magical creatures, just like the Luck o' the Leprechaun. Help Luck o' get his gold coins back and you will be rewarded!

When rummaging through the treasure chests for Luck o's gold coins, whoever finds them can choose to keep what they found or keep looking for Luck o' gold coins...!

  • The event lasted from 15th March till 29th March 2020.


  • To start the event, look for "Luck o' Leprechaun" at Hugel 217 230 (/navi hugel 217/230).
  • Luck o' will give out a magical hat which enables you to touch the magical treasure chests that are going to be spawned around the Midgard world. These treasure chests are said to appear only during odd hours and will magically disappear if being let out too long. If you happen to lose your magical hat, ask for a new one from Luck o and if he's feeling nice he'll let you have a new one.
  • Once you have found enough Luck o' gold coins, return to him and you will be rewarded.

Lucko.png LuckEventHat.jpg

  • Every odd hour, 10 treasure chest will spawn at 3 RANDOM maps each.
  • Maps with Chests will be announced Server wide. It also will be announced when a chest has been found (on the map that has been selected).
  • It will be server wide announced when all chests on a map have been found.
  • To loot the chest you need to wear the costume Luck gave you.


Although, be warned that some of the chests may come with a little more surprise than what you expected.

  • When interacting with a chest, there is a slight chance a strong boss monster might attack you: The Treasure Chest!


Looting and Item reward Tiers

Once you found a Chest you get to choose between the option of looting it or roll again.


  • "Looking for something better" will bring you in the next Tier list of rewards.
  • Once you get a Gold Coin, the chest will disappear.
  • Once you get 99 Jellopy, the chest will disappear.
  • Your Hat Costume will disappear after you found a chest; to loot more you need to return to Luck o' Leprechaun to get a new one.
Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4
Gold CoinGold CoinGold CoinGold Coin
EmeraldGreen Potion99 Jellopy100 Limited Premium Points
GoldYggdrasil BerryCharacter Gender ChangeCostume: Leprechaun Spirit
Four Leaf CloverLevel Up CouponLuck o' Pint
Yggdrasil LeafGoldRainbow Confetti
Scroll of All KnowledgeScroll of Professional KnowledgeGreen Scarf
Old Card AlbumRegeneration PotionLeprecoin
Bloody BranchRainbow Twisler
Rainbow AcidSpeed Potion
Rainbow TwislerPancakes
Magic Card AlbumCharacter Storage Ticket
Ygg Berry Voucher (50)Token of Ziegfried Box (10)
Enriched EluniumYgg Berry Voucher (50)
Enriched OrideconPiece of Paradise


Bring 20 Gold Coins to Luck o' Leprechaun and he will reward you with one of those items.

By looting the chests you have the chance of obtaining the following items.

Additional Information

  • When maps are announced, write them down or make a screenshot, so you can further look back which were announced.
  • Use a fast walking class and/or gears that increase your walking speed (Linked stalkers, Creators with Lif Homunculus, Body Relocation Champions, Thieves with Backsliding. Gears such as Mid Speed wings (Premium or Legit), Moonlight Flower card and Ebony Greaves for example.)
  • You can observe which maps often get called and save Warps close to them via an Alt Priest or Sewer Bug Dame Card.
  • Having Knowledge of the World map helps, either try look for some shortcuts or try use the in game world map or rms. A shortcut example be: Coal Mine 01 > go outside > shortcut to Mijolnir Field 02 and its surroundings.

Gold Coin Exchanger

After the event ended, the "Gold Coin Collector" will be available in Hugel (125/206).
He offers you to exchange your leftover Gold Coins with several different items. You also can give him duplicated items for Gold Coins.


Gears to Coins:

Coins to items:

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