Sara's Memory

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Base Level: 200
Party: Solo Instance
Quest Prerequisite(s): None
Experience: Base EXP: Job EXP:
None None
Quest Reward(s): Various Stat Food


Sara's Memory is one of the Instances which was introduced in the Heroes' Trails patch. It tell the origins of the character Sara Irene, one of the 12 Valkyries from the original Ragnarok graphic novel.

  1. Go at the entrance by warping to Eden's First Floor (@go Eden), then walk through the crack in the wall. You will be warped to the Dali map. Walk to the first path going north (/navi dali 135/115). Talk to Leon and choose Yes to accept the quest.

  2. You arrive in Payon Town. Talk to the girl standing near you. She will introduce herself as Sara Irene.

  3. As the conversation goes on, Sara's father, Doyen Irene, will appear. They soon leave, and you will overhear people talking from inside the building.

  4. Go into the portal to the southwest.

  5. You arrive in front of the Palace. Talk to Sara and watch as she finds her mother seemingly killed by Doyen.

  6. Doyen will call on the guards and Sara will run away.

  7. You will need to follow Sara while killing the guards and their dogs. There are 5 enclosed areas to go through. Each time you clear an area, a portal will appear, marked on your mini-map.

  8. In the fifth area, you return to the palace. Doyen will call one last group of guards, and finally face you himself.

  9. Defeat Doyen Irene Elder, you will be rewarded with Dali Shards and listen as he tells you what truly happened.

  10. A portal will appear to the west. Continue going west, down the log stairs and find Sara on the bridge at (/navi [email protected] 40/140).

  11. Before you could tell her the truth, two mysterious figures incapacitate you and takes Sara away.

  12. Exit the instance through the portal to the west.

  13. Return to Leon the Adventurer and tell him what you saw. You will be rewarded with Experience.


Monster will spawn within the different areas of the instance. In the end you will face the MVP, Irene Elder.


Rewards are basically all the loot the monsters drop in the instance (check the monsters above for the drops).
Those range from Level 3, 4, 5, 6 and 10 (Irene Elder only).

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