Rental Shop

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This feature is only available on Eir / Tyr.


The rental shop is a small area with multiple NPCs that allow players to rent certain items for a small fee. The location of the Rental Shop is in:

  • Eir: Prontera (@go 0) inside the School Building (Located at 136, 186)
  • Tyr: Valkyrie Town, via the Kafra

When inside you will be confronted by two guards which will explain the rental limitations. These include:

  • The items purchased in this shop are rentals. They will disappear after their time expires.
    • Headgears: 2 weeks
    • Weapons: 1 week
    • Other Gears: 1 week
  • The boxes themselves are tradable, but the items inside are not. Once opened, the item is bound to your character
  • If you want to know an item's effect, please refer to Ratemyserver.

List of items

Weapon Shop 1 (250 Premium Points Each)

Weapon Shop 2 (250 Premium Points Each)

Gear Shop (150 Premium Points Each)

Headgear Shop (200 Premium Points Each)