Halloween 2022: Abyss Event

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Halloween Event 2022.png

Rune Midgardians!

As Samhain time is getting closer, the doorways between our world and the netherworld will soon be opened, and the dead will roam our world.

The citizens of Rune-Midgard rejoice, as they will be able to be reunited with their loved ones, even if for a little time.

But the spirits who had an honorable death aren't the only ones interested in coming back to our world! Other spirits, the ones who died with no honor, the ones who died in shame, the ones who never had any notable doings and were forgotten.

Those vengeful spirits have been trapped in the realm of Niflhiem and cannot rest in peace. They are now seeking for revenge, and they won’t rest until they reach their goal by invading and destroying the living world.

Event Mechanics: Abyss Rift

Throughout the Halloween season, Nether Pits will be appearing in Rune-Midgard's fields. These seem to be a link between Rune Midgard and the Netherworld. If you step on it... the spirits will be unleashed! And it will your task to defeat them.

Nether Pit.png

There are three levels of difficulties:

Easy - Possible to Solo and newbie-friendly - Found in Prontera fields (prt_fild0, prt_fild02, prt_fild05, prt_fild06, prt_fild07, prt_fild08) Halloween Prt map series rsz.png

Medium - Recommended: party of 3 - Found in Morocc fields (moc_fild07, moc_fild11, moc_fild12, moc_fild17, moc_fild18, moc_fild19) Halloween Moc map series.png

Hard - Recommended: party of 5 - Found in Geffen fields (gef_fild00, gef_fild01, gef_fild04, gef_fild05, gef_fild07, gef_fild09) Halloween Gef map series.png

First, you will need to seek out the Nether Pits in each series of maps. There will be a notification telling the respawn time of the next Nether Pit if a previous nether pit had just been completed in the map.

Once located, the Nether Pit can be activated when a player steps on it, thereby beginning the fight with the first wave of mobs. Your entire party must be present for the pit to activate. Make sure all members assemble in time, as the pit can teleport if left un-activated for too long. After each wave is cleared, yellow colored arrow indicators will appear (visible only for the player that steps on the portal) That player will need to walk over to the location the arrows leads to, thereby activating the next waves. There are 4 to 6 number of waves, plus the boss at the end.

For all difficulties, you have 45 seconds to clear each wave and 10 seconds to walk to the next point.

A treasure chest will appear after the boss is defeated. Only the player (and party members) can loot from this chest. After the loots are distributed, there's a chance that a dialog will be shown to the player who activated the pit. It will give players the option to access the Abyss Depth.

   Note: A character will go into cooldown after activating a nether pit for that difficulty mode. The character may still participate in other nether pits provided another party member activates it.

Abyss Depth

A weak point in the dimensional cracks allows passage into the Netherworld. Vengeful spirits will try to kill the players who enter and trap their souls in the nether for all eternity.

Players must fight their way out! Defeat the final boss to get access to a final treasure chest.

The mobs here attacks in progressively stronger waves, culminating with a battle with a rather strong boss. (I'll leave that as a surprise for you.)

There will be a rest period after each wave where a treasure chest will appear.

The difficulty of Abyss Depth depends on the difficulty of Abyss Rift.


Nona-stand.pngTreasure Chests have chance to yield the following rewards:
Baby Boo Sack
Jack o' Lantern Sack
Bloody Branch
__ Bubblegum
Mystical Card Album
__ Damned Scroll

93px-Bicolor Cat Witch Hat.gif

Bicolor Cat Witch Hat
105px-Spider Seduction.gif

Spider Seduction
90px-Gram Peony.gif

Gram Peony
107px-Variant Veil.gif

Variant Veil
102px-Dark Snake Lord Stole.gif

Dark Snake Lord Stole
84px-Diabolic Lapel.gif

Diabolic Lapel
120px-Floating Tai Jade.gif

Floating Tai Jade
118px-Jack Castle Bat.gif

Jack Castle Bat

Armor of Nothingness.png

Armor of Nothingness
Cape of Silhoutte.png
Cape of Silhouette
Haunted Forest Shoes.png

Haunted Forest Shoes
Crescent Armguard.png

Crescent Armguard

Halloween Hat.gif

Costume: Halloween Hat
Diabolic Headphones.gif

Costume: Diabolic Headphones
Tengu Crow Mask.gif

Costume: Tengu Crow Mask
Blood and Light.gif

Costume: Blood and Light
Vampire Headband.gif

Costume: Vampire Hairband
Whisper's Blessing.gif

Costume: Whisper's Blessing
Nimbus Broom.gif

Costume: Nimbus Broom

New Costumes
Costume Lamias Krilo 3.png

Costume: Lamia's Krilo
Costume Abnocks Corium 3.png

Costume: Abnock's Corium
Costume Midnight Candle 2.gif

Costume: Midnight Candle