Faroe Island

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Faroe Islands are a group of maps relating to Glastheim (P). These maps are all open fields, and monsters are aggressive on them. At the center of far_isld05, is a portal that leads to Thulean Plateau, a dungeon. The Rosaceae Pass can be accessed by walking to the right side portal of far_isld04. In the "Rambunctious Ruins" at far_isld03 can the Nightmare Pyramids be found.
North of far_isld06 can the Faroe Harbor be found (far_harb), which gives the player access to The Abbey after finishing the associated quests.
Teleportation and similar commands / items are disabled on all these maps, so you must walk through them.

Included Maps

Directly related to the Faroe Islands are:

Map Name Monsters Map Name Monsters
Far isld01.jpg far_isld01 Praying Mantis
Mazdah Mantis
Green Plant
Far isld04.jpg far_isld04 Treant
Wounded Orc
Far isld02.jpg far_isld02 Praying Mantis
Mazdah Mantis
Manyu Mantis
Green Plant
Far isld05.jpg far_isld05 Opuntia
Mossy Golem
Far isld03.jpg far_isld03
"Rambunctious Ruins"
Mossy Golem
Far isld06.jpg far_isld06 Jormungandr

Faroe Harbor

Map Name Monsters
Far harb.png far_harb None

A Glast from the Past Quests
First Quest Second Quest Third Quest Final Quest
A Glast from the Past Sticky Situation Shadow of the Raven The Return of Fluffy
Blood will Have Blood
Grab yer Sealegs! Chaser of the Sun
Side Quests
Grave Diggers Ghost Busters
Matchsticks for Food
Heaven's Sword
Cursed Ring Quest
Holy Ward Quest
The Morocc Traveler
Rice Cake Party!
An Opuntia by any Other Name
A Final Farewell
A Light that Burns Bright
Rambunctious Ruins Quests
First Quest Final Quest
The Nightmare Within A Hidden Past
Side Quests
Curse of the Pharaoh King
The Cure Secret of the Tears