Diamond Dust

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Diamond Dust.png Diamond Dust Skill Info
Diamond Dust Info.gif
Diamond Dust
Type: Offensive Skill
Levels: 5
SP Cost: 44 + (Skill Level * 6)
Cast Time: None
Cast Delay: 1 sec
Duration: None
Target: Ground
Range: Magic
Element: Water
Catalyst: None
(Sage) Deluge Lv3

Skill Description

Releases a freezing wind of ice on a targeted location to inflict Water property magic damage to all enemies within the area of effect.
It has a chance of leaving enemies crystallized. The damage is greatly affected by Endow Tsunami.

  • Duration of Effect = [Base Duration − (Target Base VIT ÷ 10)]s

LevelArea of EffectCrystallizationCast Time
SP Cost
ChanceBase Duration
17x710%12 sec(0,8 + 5,0) sec50
215%14 sec(0,6 + 5,5) sec56
320%16 sec(0,4 + 6,0) sec62
49x925%18 sec(0,2 + 6,5) sec68
530%20 sec(0,0 + 7,0) sec74


  • The total damage is inflicted in one bundle of 5 hits. This only affects the divisibility of the damage, which is rounded down.

Other Notes


  • Damage Formula: ((INT * SkillLv) + (200 *Level / 100))%.
  • Max Damage: 765%.



Obtained Via