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What are Premium Items?

Premium items are also known as donation items that give special bonuses. The bonuses can range from an increase in stats, to special access to certain skills.

Most of these premium equipment can be worn on almost every map. Ahura Mazdah and Angra Manyu on Loki, for instance, cannot be worn on any PvP / WoE map. Some quests, however, like the Pouring Rain, Pouring Blood, Pouring Hope, and the Endless Tower do not allow you to wear these premium equipment at all.

How to obtain

A player must go speak to the Premium Point Redemption NPC located on their server. Using premium points.

The NPC got removed with the SE client. You can now access the Cash Shop over the small icon in the top right corner in your screen.



On Loki only, you can rent certain premium items for 7 days at a time. You can purchase these items using zeny, or premium points.
The NPC is located in Prontera, @go 0 (/navi prontera 136/227).



What happens if I rent the items and put cards on them? Do I lose the cards?
No, so make sure you decard cards compounded on the rental items before they expire.

Premium Item Cost in Premium Points Cost in Zeny
Angra Manyu
200 120.000.000
Ahura Mazdah 200 120.000.000
Monster Feed 200
Leather Hat
400 240.000.000
Kitsunerisu 400 240.000.000
Frey Hat 400 240.000.000
Small Crown 400 240.000.000
Chinese Knots 400 240.000.000
Titan Wing 400 240.000.000


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