A Light that Burns Bright

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The worker on the Faroe Harbor lighthouses needs your help in reigniting the lighthouses scattered all over the islands whose fire always gets extinguished mysteriously.


1. Go to Faroe Harbour and head to the northern tip of the harbour (far_harb 55,81).

2. Speak to Worker. He will tell you that he's the one responsible in lighting all hte lighthouses scattered across the kingdom. He will also tell you that the lighthouses always extinguish themselves and that he's tired going around re-igniting all of them. He will then ask for your help in reigniting the lighthouses and gives you his invention, the everblaze, and sends you to find X number of lighthouses.

3. Search all faroe islands for the lighthouses. Currently the locations are as shown on the mini maps beside the coordinates:

  • far_isld02 162,178 [
  • far_isld03 228,198
  • far_isld03 214,243
  • far_isld03 71,307
  • far_isld03 362,354
  • far_isld03 335,354
  • far_isld03 291,95 (near Sporus)
  • far_isld01 14,295
  • far_isld05 137,219
  • far_isld05 235,229
  • far_isld05 182,324

4. Go back to the worker and he will ask you if you got burned. Your choice will affect the reward you will get.

This ends the quest.


Required Items






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