2015 Easter Event

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The Master Chocolatier of Hugel has decided to hold a competition for all budding chocolatiers of Rune-Midgard! He requires you all to make chocolate eggs - in-keeping with the spirit of Easter - and each day there is a new type of chocolate he requires you to make. In Hugel, outside of his Chocolate Cave, you will find a Budding Chocolatier who requires your help to win the top spot!

The event will run for 10 days, and each new day there is a new recipe the Chocolatier would like you to make. A description of the day's egg can be found by speaking to the Competition Leader, after which you can get to making it with the Budding Chocolatier! Each time you make an egg, you will taste it and be given a clue to how tasty it is: the tastier the better, because for the three best-tasting eggs, those people who made it win a special, new donation pet! Everyone also gets prizes everyday based on how well they did.

How To Participate

  • Go to Hugel (@go 22) and talk to Budding Chocolatier NPC (Located at Hugel 104 231).
  • He will ask you to talk to Competition Leader NPC (Located at Hugel 98 231). There's several options you can choose there to know about "Today's Egg", players that are on the top 3 and Prizes.
  • You can also talk to Chocolatier NPC (Located at Hugel 93 231) for more info on how to make a perfect chocolate egg!
  • When you are ready, talk to Budding Chocolatier to start making your chocolate egg. You can give him more ingredients, but you need to give him at least:
  • Beside the main ingredients, you can also give Budding Chocolatier some additional ingredients, such as:
  • After you trade the ingredients to Budding Chocolatier, you will need to put how long you want to roast the Cacao and stir the Cacao.
  • Budding Chocolatier will then tell you the result of the Chocolate egg you made, and you can either choose to enter the competition using the chocolate you made, or throw it away and make another chocolate egg.
    • Note: You can only enter the competition with 1 chocolate egg each day.
  • When you have entered your chocolate into the competition, you can check the top 3 player from the Competition Board (Located at Hugel 97 232).
  • You can claim the prizes 1 day after you entered the competition.
  • You can make chocolate egg everyday to stand a chance to win the special award for the top three eggs for each day! Or other prizes depending on how tasty the egg was.


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