2013 Independence Day Event

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War has broken out between the Yankee Doodles of America and the Red Coats of Britannia. You are requested to help fight in the battles by choosing a side and defeating as many enemies as possible when they spawn. Successful battles will yield great rewards for loyal combatants.

The duration of this event will be from July 4th, 2013 until a week later (Exact date is unknown)

How to Participate

  • Warp to Prontera (@go 0) and head due south. Just outside the inner walls, you will spot soldiers from both sides (Located around 154, 119)
  • Choose a side by speaking to the soldier of your choosing and bringing them the appropriate Gemstone: Blue for Yankee Doodle; Red for Red Coats.
  • After you have chosen a side, you will be given a hat: Columbia's Courage for Blue, Britannia's Pride for Red.
  • From this point, you need to wait for the soldiers to spawn. Every hour at the 30 minute mark (1:30, 5:30, 10:30, etc) an announcement that the soldiers have spawned will be made. They can only spawn in towns and the announcement will state which town they spawn in.
  • Once spawned, head to the town your enemy spawned in and kill as many as possible. You must have your event hat equipped when killing them, otherwise you will be killed and warped away. When all of one side has been killed, an announcement will be broadcasted that states, "The <winners> have successfully defeated the <losers> in the battle of <town name>!"
    • The winning team, will be rewarded with a 100% EXP Boost while their respective hat is worn for the next hour.
  • As you kill the enemy, you will be rewarded with various Reports. There are 13 total and 1 special Full Intelligence Report: Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, South Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Georgia, Delaware
  • Collect enough reports to have 1 full set of 13, then return to your soldier in Prontera to receive a random reward (Listed Below). If you obtain a Full Intelligence Report, return to prontera and speak to the enemy's soldier to be rewarded with a random prize from their side.
  • Repeat this process every hour to collect as many prizes as you desire.


Yankee Doodles:

Red Coats: