2011 Valentine's Event

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Cupid has decided to bring a little Valentine's love to the monsters of Midgard... but that didn't go well.

Let's just say if you see a couple of passed out monsters around the world, they probably were eating a flower that Cupid gave them... apparently they are kinda like catnip for monsters.

But if you are lucky, when you're killing monsters you'll find one that's resisted eating their Valentine's Rose, and Cupid is offering to take them in groups of 12 and allowing you to send them to a special someone.

When you send them, he'll turn them in a special hat provided by Gaypuff (a local player). Cupid has a bit of a problem too, all his Heartrings escaped.

If you are lucky enough to find one of them, a special prize awaits.

This event ran from February 12th, 2011 until March 17th

How To Participate

  • Warp to Aldebaran, walk to the bottom left in the center island and speak to Cupid (Located at 105, 106) to learn the basics of the event.
  • Then head out and attacking any/all monsters. Every single monster you kill has a low chance of dropping a Valentine's Rose.
  • Collect 12 of the Valentine's Rose, and Cupid will allow you to send them to your valentine. When you do, you will be asked what headgear you want it to transform into. Your valentine will then receive the headgear.
  • Periodically, Cupid's Heartrings will have broken loose around the world of RO. They can be in any Field or Dungeon. When you find one, pop it to send it back home. If you are lucky, you will get a Poring Heart (You can only get 1 every 24 hours, no matter how many you send home).

Cupid will let you send that Poring Heart to your valentine so they can receive a very rare gift (Heartring Egg). The Heartring monsters will say around for 1 hour, or until they have all been found. After they all disappear, you need to wait until they break out again.

  • Through out the time the event is active, keep killing more monsters, and send Heartrings back home to obtain more flowers/hearts.

Receiving Cupid's Harp

  • Simply speak to Cupid and choose the option labeled "Your Harp?".

If you don't have one in your inventory, you will receive a Cupid's Harp. This is to allow you use the skills given from the headgears.

How To Send/Receive A Gift

  • Both players must be logged in for the gift to be sent.
  • The sender, after obtaining 12 Valentine's Roses, talks to Cupid. Choose to send a gift, select the type of headgear, and input the receiver's name.
  • If they have 100 items, or are overweight, you will be warned and the headgear will not be sent. Otherwise, they will receive the headgear with your name on it (e.g. "Awesome Player's Gent Hat")

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: No, you will get the rose even if you have @autoloot off
Answer: Kill any monster in the game. This means ALL monsters drop the rose at a low chance
Answer: They spawn every once in a while on random Fields & Dungeons. Wait for the announcement, then hunt them down.
Answer: The drop rate is secret, and no, Bubblegum does not work.



Players took a Compatibility Quiz and saw how suited they were for their valentine or found one if they didn't have one! Quiz questions consisted of the following:


A special, custom headgear was given to couple and those matched valentines most compatible.