2011 End of Summer Fair

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The fair will use tickets, similar to an actual fair, called Carnival Coupons. The fair is a series of mini-events that require the coupons to participate.

Preparation Period: July 21st, 2011 - Semptember 1st, 2011
Fair starts: Semptember 1st, 2011 - September 13th, 2011

How to Participate

  • Every day, during the preparation period, you can earn Carnival Coupon by killing custom MVP's from the following maps: Nieve Dungeon, Orc Dungeon, Toy Testing Center or from all monsters on the Itty Bitty Poring City and Murderous Mystery Mine maps. These will be saved up to use at the fair.
  • When the fair starts in september, you will be given 5 [[Carnival Coupons in addition to however many you already have, each day by talking to the Ticket Master in morroc (Located at 160, 89).
  • Use these coupons to participate in the fair when it begins to have a chance to win various prizes.

Types of games

The fair offers many types of games to play to win prizes. These games include:

  • Peco Racing (Located at 136, 59): Ever looked at Peco's and thought "Is that just a Chocobo rip off?", ever done any Chocobo Racing? Well this... is sorta... like... something along that lines... yeah! There are 5 Peco's and you bet on which one you think is going to win, pick the one that comes in first and you get the special prize, the place your Peco comes in determines your prize!
  • Test Your Strength (Located at 186, 77): Do you find yourself looking in the mirror, staring at your arms all day long? Is your favorite monster Satan Morroc, not because it looks cool, but because it has bigger muscles then you could ever have? If you answered yes to either of those, well... you're on your own. However, you CAN test your strength and see how you compare to other puny humans. The higher you score, the better prize you can receive. So give up, or throw down your hammer and give the bell a good ring
  • Diving For Drops (Located at 173, 289): Crazy old man Strouf just can't keep stuff in his hands, so he's giving out mad Carnival Cash if you can pick up a ton of his randomly dropping items! Grab em, snag em, pile them up, spin in a circle, stand on your head... oh wait where was I...? Oh right, collect the items and pass them on over and he'll be happy to give you a prize as thanks! Collect enough and you'll get a special prize~!
  • Slot Machines (Located at 232, 122 and in 2 areas close by): They're slot machines, what more do you want from me, coming up with rambly rants is hard ;( Well lemme try anyhow... Spin those porings round and round catch em 'fore they... well they stay on the ground so that doesn't work... Anyhow it's a slot machine, spin it, match the right things and you win! Slots have the best potential payout for Carnival Cash, but the largest chance to outright fail and get nothing ;( Are you a gambler, care to test your luck? You gotta spin it to win it!
  • Safe Cracker (Located at 89, 168): First off, it's not a Safe, but Safe Cracker sounds better, Treasure Cracker sounds weird, or like it's a cracker that you eat that's shaped like a treasure. Anyyyywhoooo have you ever played one of those games where you have to figure out a 3 digit code, and it tells you if you got the right number in the right spot, or the right number but in the wrong spot? Well if you haven't (or have and didn't like it), and you don't like logic games, you're gonna hate this! You have to crack the code to get yourself into the treasure, the less tries it takes the better your prize, try too many times and the lock is going to jam!


Each game has unique prizes that can be won as well as some general prizes for participating. These include, but are not limited to: