2009 RebirthRO Video Contest

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Basically players showed off what they like or what they think was cool about our server. So yes, advertisement. The rules were simple, you make a video about our server, post it on youtube and then link us to it in a post so we can take a look.
Please were to be sure to keep the videos PG-13, no profanity or slurs or they were taken out of the running! All videos submitted have to had been at least 3 minutes in length, and were suppose to cut down on any special effects, it’s important that the video shows things that actually happen in game.

Players were welcome to work together on this, but those that submit as a group would have to split whatever prize you do get (Possibly adjusted based on the size of the group). If you already won the credits then you couldn't get the event points. If you were submitting as a group you had to make sure to put the names of the other submitters into your post with the link to the video.

The contest deadline was January 3rd, 2010 at 11:59:59 PM server time.


1st Place - 3,000 Premium Points
2nd Place - 2,000 Premium Points
1st Runner Up - 1,000 Premium Points
2nd Runner Up - 1,000 Premium Points
3rd Runner Up - 1,000 Premium Points
All Participants - 10 Event Points


1st Place - Just Bored (Video)
2nd Place - Nkle (Video)
1st Runner Up - Copycat (Video)
2nd Runner Up - Europe (Video)
3rd Runner Up - Military Coup (Video)