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Angeling Pin Quest


Brendan got into a fight with his sister over her boyfriend. He will ask you to look for his sister, Karren who was last seen at the Jawaii Tavern. Karren needs your help for her to write a letter of apology to his brother. She will tell you about a guy in Lighthalzen who can provide her with Pencil Cases.


  • Go to Geffen. Head to the Geffen Magic Academy (Located at 65, 176) and speak to Brendan (Located at 176 108).
  • Go to Jawaii and enter the Jawaii Tavern (Located at 192, 218).
  • Speak to Karren (Located at 26, 119) inside and agree to help her.
  • Go to Lighthalzen. Head to the Rekenber Corporation Headquarters (Located at 101 246) and search for Nathan (Located at 105, 130) to make the Pencil Case.
  • Return to Karren to receive a letter. Hand in the letter to Brendan and he will make Angeling Hairpin.

Required Items

5 Fragment of Rossata Stone

1 Oil Paper
1 Stone of Sage
1 Pencil Case
1 Heart Hairpin
1 Angeling Hat


Complete this quest to receive an Angeling Hairpin.