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Horus is a new custom 24-Hour WoE castle. Horus' is based on the functions of War of Emperium 2 in which there are 2 Stones, and 3 Barricades that can be repaired to help defense of the castle. To learn how to repair these stones, see the page about WoE 2.


  • To get to Horus, you can use the PvP Warpers situated in every town.
  • Select the Horus option at the bottom.


After a certain amount of time has passed since a guild took the castle, it will temporarily close for 30 seconds. While the castle is closed, the guild inside the castle that controls Horus will be able to loot the rewards from the treasure chest. Looting the chest acts the same way as lots in Royal Operations, or Cedi MVP System. It will give each player a random number from 1-100. The person with the highest number on each item gets the item.