Prontera Invasion

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Prontera is being invaded! It befalls upon you, the adventurers of Rune-Midgard to rise up and fight the evil that has set its sights upon the Crown Jewel of the Kingdom and, indeed, the world! How have they managed to siege down one of the most heavily fortified castle towns in the world? Why, by crashing a giant, metallic structure into the walls!


Scouts have noticed that the Invasion Force invades only upon odd hours of the day, with the troops being... well, not your ordinary squad of troops, that's for sure! They appear to be made up of mainly Fish (!?) and Basilisks, of all the things! Intelligence also notes that the Invasion Force tends to send out four waves at once before calling off the siege - apparently they are looking for a war of attrition!

No one yet knows who leads this Force of fish and reptiles, only except there appears to be a trail of sand and the strange smell of tuna near the structure they've used to take down the walls. At the end of each sortie, one of the Mastermind's generals seem to appear if the fight is not going their way in order to drum up morale. These generals are the four evil sisters - scouts report - Echidna, Siren, Lilith and Hera! Foul times are ahead when these dreadful dames appear on the battlefield!

A strange man, named Kace Bentura, has rocked up in the Garden of Eden mall, claiming he has seen these aquatic craniate, tetropods before and knows how to tame them! He's willing to help people in this endeavour provided, of course, they fetch the materials needed to tame the monsters of Armageddon.


  • Event can occur at any odd hour during the day.
  • When the event occurs, the Town's Person NPC near the Prontera warp point will warp you to the event map (the invasion does not happen on the main Prontera map in order to not be a hindrance to anyone - use your imagination to pretend that it is!).
  • There are four waves of mobs between the event ends for that hour.
  • Mobs drop a variety of loot, including 7 day premium costumes, VIP subscriptions, All Knowledge scrolls, and pet lure materials!
  • The mobs also grant a larger amount of EXP than even those in the Biolabs Basement, so please bear this in mind!
  • Kace Bentura at the Eden Mall can turn pet lure materials gained from the mobs into the actual pet lure items to capture them. All mobs (bar the basilisks) may be captured and turned into pets.