Potion Pitcher

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This skill's information has been altered on one of the servers.
Please see the "Other" section listed in the table shown below to read details about this change.
None Potion Pitcher Skill Info
Type: Active Skill
Levels: 5
SP Cost: 1
Cast Time: Instant
Cast Delay: 0.5 sec
Duration: None
Target: Player
Range: 9 cells
Element: None
Catalyst: 1 Red Potion, 1 Orange Potion, 1 Yellow Potion, 1 White Potion, 1 Blue Potion
Pharmacy (Lv3)

Skill Description

Allows you to throw a potion at yourself, another party or guild member with increased healing efficiency. Higher skill levels allow the use of more potent potions and the selected level determines the potion type that is used. Learned SkillLV also increases the impact potency by 10% per SkillLV which stacks with existing bonuses like Learning Potion, VIT and INT, Increase Recuperative Power and Increase Spiritual Power (yes, with maxed Increase Recuperative Power the healed amount is doubled). It uses up one Potion of the thrown type, so you must have it in your inventory. It will not damage Undead when you use a healing potion on them.

Skill Level Potion Potion Value
1 Red Potion 110%
2 Orange Potion 120%
3 Yellow Potion 130%
4 White Potion 140%
5 Blue Potion 150%

Other Notes


  • Healing effect has been halved.
  • Skill has a self limited delay that can not be reduced of .5 seconds



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