Shiny Marinade Beef Exchange

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For helping feed the orphanage on your path to Fame, this girl has returned to repay you. She will make you some Shiny Marinade Beef items in return for the ingredients.


  • Warp to Nieve Town, which can only be accessed after completing the required notoriety quests.
  • Walk to just above the center fountain and speak to Orphan Girl (Located at 156, 183).
  • Bring her the required items to make the Shiny Marinade Beef. She will only accept orders of 10 or more, so you must bring at least 10 or more sets of ingredients
  • When she completes the cooking, she will give you between 10 and 15 Shiny Marinade Beef

Required Items

For 1 Shiny Marinade Beef:

For 10 Shiny Marinade Beef:



See List of Venders for information on how to obtain Meat.