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Shadow of the Raven




  • Make your way to the library, where Heloise is located. Located next to her is a book. Click on the book to start this quest. It will tell you to speak to a man named Sporus.
  • From Glastheim (P), head south 2 maps until you reach far_isld02. From there, head West 1 map. You should be located on far_isld03 now. These maps can be a bit of a maze, so to get to the bottom of the map where you need to go, head up and over to the staircase located at 179, 322.
  • When you reach the staircase, head down to the very bottom of the map. You should locate a group of NPCs (Located at 285, 90).
  • Speak to the 'Serious-looking Man', Sporus. He will pretend to know nothing, so speak to him a second time and he will tell you to go speak to Liang.
  • Head south a little more to find a 'Busy Man', Liang (Located at 268, 57). Click him and he will send you to meet an Orc outside Glastheim (P).
  • Note: You will receive a quest item in your inventory from the next NPC. Make sure you have enough weight, and space to carry it!

  • Warp back to Glastheim (P) and head south 1 map. From there, head south a little bit, to find the 'Orc' next to a tree (Located at 279, 274). He will hand you a Letter from Orc.
  • Head back to Liang on far_isld03. After handing him the letter, he tells you to speak to Sporus. Sporus informs you that they will need some time to think about it. You MUST now wait about at least 2.6 hours, and at most 3.2 hours.
  • After waiting how ever long you need to wait, Sporus will decide to intercept the queen. He requests you meet him by the secret entrance in Glastheim (P).

  • Return to Glastheim (P) and walk a little north until you reach some loose bricks, located at 112, 173.
    • If you choose to enter, you will start the battle phase of this quest! Make sure you are prepared before you enter the map. Donates are allowed inside, and you can use @commands on the map.

  • The first stage of the battle starts when you walk through a hallway, and enter the next room. The queen dabbled in some black magic, so a series of Zombie Knights will spawn and you must kill them all.

  • When complete, speak to Anacletus to get warped to the next room to fight Fluffy (Verdadyr).
  • Kill Verdadyr as soon as possible.
    • There is a small bug in which some players kill the beast and the end NPC doesn't talk to them. It would simply say something to the effect of "I'll aid you, <your name>". If this happens, you will have to try again, a little faster.
  • After Verdadyr dies, and the NPC lets you warp out, you will arrive on far_isld03, near Sporus. Speak to him, and then speak to Anacletus.
  • This quest is now complete.

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