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Sealed Kronos

Sealed Kronos
ID: 42642
Slots: 2
Tradable: Yes
Storage-able: Yes
Vendable: Yes
Equipped On: Weapon
Class: Unknown
Attack: 30
Element: Unknown
Weapon Level: 4
Equippable By: Transcendent Mage Class
Required Level: 50

Item Description

This piece's upper part is decorated with a golden dragon and a crystal with strong magical power compressed into it. It looks nice, but it's too heavy to easily carry it around.

  • Two-Handed Staff.
  • MATK + 20%.
  • INT +3.
  • Max HP +1000.
  • INT +1 (* 2Refines).
  • Max HP +500 (* 2Refines).
  • A chance to active MATK +15%, SP Cost -20% after using magical attack for 5 seconds.

How To Obtain This Item



Script is currently unknown.