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Santa's Secret Elf Helper



The reindeer's are back and hitched up safely. Santa is on the roll to deliver Christmas presents for the naughty and nice kids. But there are some presents left alone and needs to be delivered however, with no available elves on sight. Now Little Claus, the daughter of Santa needs some volunteers to deliver the presents to specific kids all over Midgard. And be warned! These children are rascals, they like to move occasionally~

  • Players will be able to complete this event every 24hrs (counting the time they accepted the quest).

This Event lasted from 20th December 2020 until 10th January 2021.

To start the quest, players can find and talk to Little Claus in Lutie located at xmas_in 32 97.

Catching the Kids

The kids spawn in the indoor areas of their designated town (aside from Dewata and Mora, which have no "inside"). Once a kid is found it will take the gift you got for them, and reward the player with a Christmas Box (2020) as well as a clue of where (town) one of the other kids are.

They will then "vanish" and re spawn at another location indoors.

A helpful tool to check if you didn't miss any in-town warp portals is RMS Town List.

If the player successfully finishes the quest 20 times, they further unlock the achievement title:

  • "Secret Elf"


Their Names (from left to right): Rafflie, Ahmad, Alf, Malow, Adam, Sharpie and Romina.


Name Location
Raffie Umbala -OR- Umbala Dungeon 01 Houses
Ahmad Gonryun
Alf Mora
Malow Dewata
Adam Alberta
Sharpie Veins
Romina Aldebaran

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