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Royal Operations Quest/Taste The Rainbow

Royal Operations Quest/Taste The Rainbow
Tier Party Members Time Limit Map
3 5 - 8 Members 30 Minutes Rainbowring.jpg
2 Tickets
Credit Reward
2 Credit Points
Recommended Classes for the mission
Sniper, High Priest, Professor

Operation Description

This is a mission on Tier 3 of the Royal Operations Quest. The Rainbowring has run amok, and it is your job to stop him before he destroys Rune Midgard. Situated on a small hill, he has been cornered and can't escape. Defeat him before the time runs out to successfully complete this mission.

There are only a few monsters on the hill:

When the mission starts, Rainbowring will summon his slaves. The slaves do nothing but play Bard/Dancer songs. These songs will hinder you by draining away SP and stopping you from using skills Loki's Veil while in the song's area of effect. The slaves, as you can see from their monster information have about 5 times as much HP as the Rainbowring so do not bother attacking them or you will waste time.

As for the Rainbowring, he casts Wide Stone Curse, so being immune to that status will help kill him faster. When he is at around 10-14% HP, he will cast full heal. If he does, make sure to keep attacking it. If you are too slow in attacking, you give him enough time to cast it again. If it keeps healing due to you not killing it fast enough, you can lose the mission.

Common Class Builds

Killer is the go to damage class in this mission, together with Professor as tanker, similar to Cedi.
Stone Curse immunity is very helpful to help your support not needing to spam Blessing all the time.

  • STR - 41 ~, for weight purposes.
  • AGI - 101, Enough to obtain 196 ASPD.
  • VIT - 101, to stay alive.
  • INT - None, not needed.
  • DEX - 255.
  • LUK - 193, for Critical hits.