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Royal Operations Quest/Rx Filler

Royal Operations Quest/Rx Filler
Tier Party Members Time Limit Map
1 3 - 5 Member 15 Minutes RXFillerMap.png
1 Ticket
Credit Reward
1 Credit Point
Recommended Classes for the mission
Champion, Stalker, Creator, Lord Knight, Paladin, Any fast moving Class

Operation Description

Rx Filler is one of three Tier 1 Operations available for Royal Operations. The map is a duplicate of Prontera Field 03 (prt_fild03). The prince is ill and only a medicine made from exotic herbs will be the only cure. Your task is to assist the herbalist in creating a medicine for the prince by gathering and refining herbs found in the map before it's too late!

  • To begin, locate one of the five available plants around the map. Some plants are more common on certain sections, as shown in the map on the top.
  • Gather an herb by killing the plants. A message "You obtained a _ Herb" will appear.
    • The herbs you gather ARE NOT an actual item.
    • Make sure you check your chat box to see the notification you obtained a herb!
    • You can only hold ONE herb at a time. You may need to visit the Recycler to get rid of the unwanted herb that you are holding.
  • Once you obtained an herb, Head back to the NPCs at the beginning and talk to the Herbalist to dry your herbs. You can choose to either 'Normal Dry' or 'Instant Dry' an herb.
    • Choosing 'Normal Dry' will commence in a 1-minute wait but it will be successful. A message "You obtained a Dried _ Herb" will appear.
    • Choosing 'Instant Dry' will try to instantly dry your herb but it will have a chance to fail. A message "You lost a _ Herb" will appear if you failed.
  • Next, talk to the Millstone Worker to refine your dried herb. You can either choose to use "Old Stone" or "Replace it".
    • Choosing to use "Old Stone" will result in refining the dried herb but with a chance of contaminating it. It will fail if it's contaminated and a message "You lost a Dried _ Herb" will appear.
    • Choosing to "Replace it" will refine it for 100% chance but will ask you for a fee of 100,000 Zeny. It will not refine it unless you have sufficient amount of Zeny. A message "You obtained _ Herb Powder" will appear.
  • After you have obtained an herb powder, your next step is to talk to the Phythochemist. It will collect your powder to create a mixture but in order for him to create it, your party will have to finish gathering all the five herb powders. Once you have collected all, it will hand you the herb mixture. A message "You obtained Mixed Herb Powder" will appear.
  • After you have obtained the herb mixture, you will need to refine it by talking to the Herb Refiner. You can choose to either 'Do it now' or 'Collect some more'.
    • Choosing to 'Do it now' will refine your herb mixture but will have a chance to fail it. A message "You lost Mixed Herb Powder" will appear. Upon failing, you will need to remake another herb mixture.
    • Choosing to 'Collect some more' will ask your party to remake another herb mixture. Once you have collected another one, it will successfuly create a refined herb mixture. A message "You obtained Refined Mixed Herb Powder" will appear.
  • Once you have obtained the refined herb mixture, talk to the Apothecary to finish the quest. He will thank you for your help and you can now collect your rewards from the Treasure Reward Chest.


  • You don't have to wait in between the different production steps, you can use friends/alts who stay at spawn; while hunting for more herbs.
  • Movement speed increasing items are very helpful in this mission, such as middle gears that give Movement Speed; Ebony Greaves or Moonlight Flower Card.
  • Auto cast skills can be helpful on killing the plants faster.
  • If using a Champion class character, which is usually the best for this kind of mission, the skill Body Relocation is vital. The fast movement of the skill allows for an easier gathering of the herbs. Other classes that walk faster than normal, like Creator, Lord Knight, Paladin, and Assassin Cross are also ideal choices for this mission.
  • A linked Stalker can get a neat Movement Speed boost as well. Creators usually can get boosts if they are using Lif.