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Royal Operations Quest/Rescojin

Royal Operations Quest/Rescojin
Tier Party Members Time Limit Map
3 5 - 8 Members 30 Minutes Rescojin.jpg
2 Tickets
Credit Reward
2 Credit Points
Recommended Classes for the mission
Assassin Cross, Paladin, Professor

Operation Description

This is a mission on Tier 3 of the Royal Operations Quest. Basically the story line is the Goblin leaders have captured Bascojin and Kobolds. Now your task is to kill the Goblin Leaders to release their prisoner. Once you spawn on the map, you will see 6 portals on the mini map (red dots). Well, normally they would be portals, but here they are the Goblin Leader locations.

Your task is to navigate your way to the Goblin Leader and kill its slaves. Then you will need to Dispell the Goblin leader, and then you will be able to damage it. Until you dispel it AND kill the Slaves, it will stay invulnerable and only take ONE damage per hit.

Now the Goblins have a few tricks up their sleeves. The Leader will go Berserk. And if you dispel it, it will Berserk again. It also has Reflect Shield, which means, if you see it use the skill, dispel it, no matter if it just Berserks again. You will be wasting a lot of berries, if you don't do that. Aside from that they will strip your Weapon, which is why getting FCP beforehand is a good option as well as getting some Chemical Weapon Protection Scrolls.

After you kill the Leader, you will either have freed a Kobold or Bacsojin. If its Kobold, just head towards the next Goblin Leader. And if its Bacsojin, Congratulations! You have just completed the mission successfully and can now head to the starting point to lot from the Treasure Chest.


  • Bring a Professor to Dispell the Goblin Leader (unless you have a Valkyrie Randgris Card).
    • NOTE: Do NOT spam Dispell, it will lead into the Goblin spamming Berserk and you accomplish nothing with it.
    • One time Dispell (if it removed the Frenzy) is enough, to give the Goblin damage. If he Frenzy again, just dispell again.
  • Devotion Paladins will also help magic class builds.
  • Great Old One's Set (Loki) is also very useful when considering equipment as most of them increases HP and reduces Cast Delay
  • Goblin Leader is weak to Earth and Poison Properties. Water and Wind will not do a lot of damage but High Wizards are encouraged to use Storm Gust and Lord of Vermillion while killing the Goblins spawned by the Goblin Leader.
  • Storm Gust will freeze (Except one or two) the Goblins near the Goblin Leader.
  • The Goblins like to push back, Strong Shield is recommended

Common Class Builds

Some short summaries of gears and stats classes can uses. Note: Equipment's might seems outdated/old for today's standards.

Professor (Earth Spike)
  • STR - Enough for Weight Capacity.
  • AGI - Enough to get 196 ASPD.
  • VIT - 50 or more. Just enough so you have HP to survive a few attacks.
  • INT - 255.
  • DEX - 160+ (Enough for Instant Cast over Quagmire)
  • LUK - not needed.

Professor (Linked)
  • STR - Enough for Weight Capacity.
  • AGI - Enough to get 196 ASPD.
  • VIT - 50 or more. Just enough so you have HP to survive a few attacks.
  • INT - 255.
  • DEX - 160+ (Enough for Instant Cast over Quagmire)
  • LUK - not needed.

  • STR - Any left over points from the other stats. This will be mainly for Weight capacity.
  • AGI - for 196 Aspd.
  • VIT - 255.
  • INT - None, not needed.
  • DEX - 150. This is combined base and bonus stats for instant casting. You don't need more than 150.
  • LUK - None, not needed.

Spam Sacrifice all night long.

  • Upper Headgear - Drooping Amistr for even more damage.
  • Middle Headgear - Golden Wings for more damage.
  • Lower Headgear - Hip Ribbon or Christmas Scarf.
  • Armor - Valkyrie Armor with Tao Gunka Card.
  • Right Hand Weapon - Pike[4] with 4 Abysmal Knight Cards / Goblin Leader Cards OR Assaulter Spear (1) + Abysmal Knight or Goblin Leader Cards
  • Left Hand Shield - Any shield but Strong Shield is recommended + Alice Card OR Thara Frog Card.
  • Garment - Caliginous Cloak with Alliot is good for Hit Points. But if you dont have that you can also use the Flame Manteau of Naght Sieger for 5% HP.
  • Footgear - Ebony Greeves. One with Moonlight Card for movement speed, and another with General Egnigem Cenia Card.
  • Accessory - Use a Sign along with RoR for Assumptio or use a second Sign with it. If you don't have a decent accessory, you can still use Sapphire rings for some HP.