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Royal Operations Quest/Princely Proposal



This is a mission on Tier 1 of the Royal Operations Quest. The mission is to search for the prince's engagement ring among the poring type mobs. Upon finding the ring, the person who found the ring must make it back and return it to the prince before time runs out.

You start off in the center of the map. The map is filled with Poring, Marin, Poporing and Drops monsters. Make your way around the whole map, killing any monsters you see. Each monster has a small chance of dropping the Engagement Ring. The ring isn't an actual item, but an announcement will be made for all players on the map. It will say, "Player found the engagement ring among the slimy remains of a poring!". At that point, players must rush back to the center where they started and the player who found the ring returns it to the prince. After that, you may claim your reward from the chest.

Tips / Advice

  • The best classes you can bring would be ones that have Area of Effect spells. These classes include High Wizard, Stalker, etc. These classes can cast skills that cover a wide area and kill many monsters at the same time.
  • When you have the party made, and the mission is started, split up in different directions. It doesn't help if everyone is going the same way. It would be good to have 1 person covering the far left land area on the map, another covering the top of the island, and the last searching the southern parts of the map. The point is to kill as many monsters as fast as you can so you can have better chances of finding the ring.
  • You can not drop items on this map, so you cannot gather monsters together since they loot items on the floor.

Builds / Equipment

Note, the classes listed below are only for reference. It is possible to finish on other classes, but the ones listed will generally have an easier time completing the mission within the time limit.

High Wizard

High Wizard.png
  • STR - None, not needed.
  • AGI - None, not needed.
  • VIT - None, not needed.
  • INT - 255 (max). You can kill porings with 1 INT, but you need to have as much sp as possible.
  • DEX - 150 for Instant Casting.
  • LUK - None, not needed.
  • Upper Headgear - Any
  • Middle Headgear - Any
  • Lower Headgear - Any
  • Armor - Any
  • Right Hand Weapon - Any
  • Left Hand Weapon - Any
  • Garment - Any
  • Footgear - Any footgear that allows you to walk faster.
  • Accessory - Expert Ring, for less after cast delay.