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Royal Operations Quest/Poring Party Planner

Royal Operations Quest/Poring Party Planner
Tier Party Members Time Limit Map
2 3 - 5 Member 15 Minutes PoringPartyPlanner.png
1 Ticket
Credit Reward
1 Credit Point
Recommended Classes for the mission
High Priest, High Wizard, Gunslinger

Operation Description

Poring Party Planner is one of three Tier 2 Missions available for Royal Operations. The Map is a duplicate of Geffen Field 09 (gef_fild09).

Ghostring is planning to set-up a surprise party for Arc Angeling! But the nasty Devirings along with his comrades, stole all his party supplies and gifts! Your job is to locate all the stolen items by killing all the monsters around the map.

  • As soon as you are warped to the quest map, start killing all the monsters around until your party start getting a Map-Wide message.
    • Killing a Deviring will grant you 100% chance of getting a stolen item although killing one will take time.
    • Killing a Deviruchi, Mini Demon or a Diabolic will grant you a ?? chance of getting a stolen item.

  • The stolen items are as follows:
Party Favors, Balloons, Decorations, Punch Bowl, Candy
Party Games, Confetti, Ice Cream, Small pink gift, Large polka dotted gift
Square Gift, Giftbag, Unwrapped Gift, Lumpy Gift, Gift Card, Tricycle with a bow
Poring Party Hat, Poporing Party Hat, Marin Party Hat, Metaling Party Hat, Deviling Party Hat, Drops Party Hat, Angeling Party Hat, Archangeling Party Hat
  • Once you have obtained the last stolen item (Archangeling Party Hat), you can now go back to Ghostring to start the party! A message "We are ready to start the party!" will appear to confirm that you have obtained all the items Ghostring needs.
  • You must talk to Ghostring to finish the quest and get the rewards. Monsters will still remain in the map even if you have finished the quest.


Mini Demon


Healing and status items to keep you buffed and healthy.

Resistance gears (the monsters tend to spam Meteor Storm a lot.

  • Bathory Card .
  • Dark Lord Card.
  • Baphomet Card or any equipment that can do splash damage (if you are not using AoE skills).
  • Any Equipment that can reflect damage.
  • Any auto cast item, to distribute damage on the attacking enemies.
  • Any Wind-Resist or Fire-Resist Equipment (although, not really necessary).

Helpful skills/ damage dealers include.


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