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Royal Operations Quest/Hermes Holiday


Hermes Holiday is one of three Tier 2 Missions available for Royal Operations. The Map is a duplicate of Gonryun Field 01 (gon_fild01).

The castle has sent you to be a temporary replacement. Martha needs your help delivering the mail since Hermes, the local courier, is currently on Holiday. Your main task is to find the mailboxes and deliver the mail to the proper locations.


Gon fild01RDC.png ColorLocationAddress
GreenRespawn PointMartha, Treasure Reward Chest
OrangePort Bluff1 to 8 Port Bluff
BlueMain Street1 to 5 Main Street
RedRural Bend1 to 3 Rural Bend
CyanTemple Street AvenueTemple Road STE A, Temple Road STE B
PinkSafari Lane1 Safari Lane, 3 Safari Lane
YellowCoalmine Avenue333 Coalmine Avenue
PurpleWindmill Way1 Windmill Way
  • From the starting point, make your way to one of the following points in the map to find mailboxes to collect mail. Make sure to remember the correct address to your next destination.
    • If you start from either Port Bluff or Main Street, search for mailboxes that contain mail in the same region (e.g. Mail in 1 Port Bluff mailbox contains mail to 5 Port Bluff mailbox) before heading to the next closest regions (e.g. Port Bluff -> Rural Bend, Main Street or Windmill Way).
    • It is advisable for the party to spread out to different major locations in the map (Port Bluff, Main Street-Rural Bend, Safari-Coalmine-Windmill Mailboxes) to reduce the amount of time needed and increase the chance of success.

  • Once you have the mail, head to the location and leave the mail by clicking on the correct mailbox.
    • You only need to deliver mail 15 times in order to successfully finish the quest.
    • You can only fail to deliver the correct mail for 7 times. In an event that you cannot find any more mailboxes with available mail, you have failed to finish the quest.

  • Upon successfully finishing the quest, you may now go back to the starting to point to claim rewards through the Treasure Loot Chest. For a list of rewards, see Royal Operations.


There is a large amount of enemies scattered on the map that will slow down your progress or totally put you in halt. You can only do 1 damage per melee or magic attack though Clown and Gypsy's Tarot Card of Fate skill will have a chance to 1-Hit KO. The total HP of each would be either below or exactly 32,000,000.

RedPlantRDC.gifClose Confine
BluePlantRDC.gifStorm Gust, Wide Freeze
Wide Stun
ShiningPlantRDC.gifDecrease Agility
Wide Curse
BlueFlowerRDC.gifPlease Don't Forget Me
YellowFlowerRDC.gifWide Stone
WillowRDC.gifSkid Trap, Ankle Snare, Freezing Trap, Sandman

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