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Royal Operations Quest/Coup de Turtle

Royal Operations Quest/Coup de Turtle
Tier Party Members Time Limit Map
3 5 - 8 Members 30 Minutes CoupeDeTurtleMap.png
2 Tickets
Credit Reward
2 Credit Points
Recommended Classes for the mission
Sniper, Gunslinger

Operation Description

This is a mission on Tier 3 of the Royal Operations Quest. The mission is to protect the roaming Turtles from the Assaulter Turtles and kill the Turtle General in the end.

Once you spawn on the central part of the map, the Assaulter will start attacking the "normal" Turtles (Heater, Permeter and Freezer). You goal is it to kill all the Assaulter and protect the other turtles during the waves they spawn.
In the final wave, Turtle General will spawn. When he is defeated, you can claim your Treasure Chest at the original spawn point.

The mission fails if all "normal" turtles died.


  • Not all normal turtles need to survive; you can pick one (hit it so it won't die and follows you) and protect it. Then go with it at a save spot (usually the area directly above the spawn is a good choice).
    • Killing all other normal turtles helps also controlling the Assaulters, since they straight go attacking the normal turtles.
  • High Wizards can be helpful protecting the turtle with Ice Wall.
  • The next Assaulter waves have a fix spawn at the 3 open spaces in the walls of the center room. Killing them right there makes it much easier to control them.
  • Snipers Land Mine is the easiest way to deal with the incoming waves.