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Know Who To Contact

So who do you contact and how with specific cases? Read up and be informed. Click the links for more information regarding the system being discussed.

Help Desk

  • In game concerns and questions that these cannot solve.
  • Bug reports

Website Support

  • A major, game breaking exploit that you want to ensure no one else sees.
  • You believe there are issues of corruption, abuse of power or any sort of major concern with one or more of the GM(s).


  • Bans
  • Paypal chargebacks
  • Email address changes
  • Login ID recovery

Bug Reports Section

If your issue is a bug that :

  • Can't be, or has little risk of being, exploited
  • Is a general bug and not a glitch with you in particular.

Reports Section (Forums)

If you are reporting another player for something that has already ceased to happen and have unedited screenshots to verify it.


If you're reporting another player for minor infractions that can be continued to be witnessed by a GM