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Heaven's Sword




  • Speak with Rocco Bonetti the Fencing Master in Glastheim (P) (glast_01p 162, 214), and he will ask you to do 3 tests.
    • 1st Test - He will ask you to bring a weapon. Pay attention on the description of the weapon given by him, because that will be your basis on which weapon you have to bring.
    • 2nd Test - He will test your speed by finding 5 notes along the map. He will show the marks on the map (3 Red Marks, 1 Blue Mark and 1 Black Mark).
    • 3rd Test - He will ask you to pull out a sword located at the upper left side of the map (glast_01p 41, 365).
  • Go back to Rocco Bonetti and he will tell you that you're done and will reward you with a Gramr.


Required Items

A weapon depends on the description given by Rocco Bonetti. Only one from the list below.

  • Caesar's Sword - "A weapon that is not too dissimilar to a pair of scissors."
  • Bloody Roar - "A weapon known to ululate once drenched in blood."
  • Ixion Wings - "A weapon known for it's beauty; shaped like a pair of pure, white wings."
  • Iron Driver - "A weapon that has proven its worth both on the field of battle and of sport."
  • Krierg - "A weapon shaped like a thorn, designed to maim than to kill."

Rocco doesn't actually take the weapon. He just simply want to see it in your inventory.




  • You can do this quest only once on a character.
  • Caesar's Sword can be bought at Eden Mall for 2.400.000z. But since Rocco only want to see it, it's better to borrow the weapon from other people as he not going to take it.

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