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Yes, fishing! Unlike most other methods of fishing in the RO world, we're very, very pleased with our version of it and the freedom it affords; not to mention its depth!

  • A few NPCs centred around Aldebaran (Located at 148, 228) have appeared. These NPCs will introduce you to and get you started with fishing.
    • The Fishing Tutor will give you your very first rod and bait. He will also give an overview on the process of fishing.
    • The Fishing Supplies Doram will sell you new rods and bait, in exchange for Shekel.
    • The Fish Merchant will trade any fish you have for Shekel.
  • A currency, Shekel, has been added. This functions similarly to Denarus for our custom crafting on Loki. It may be earnt by trading fish to the Fish Merchant, and spent with the Fishing Supplies Doram.
  • New types of weapon - Fishing Rods - and ammunition - Fishing Bait - have been added. Both are required to begin fishing.
  • A new skill - Fishing - has been added. Fishing Rods will grant you this skill once equipped. To use it, you must have some bait equipped, as well as be in or near a body of water.
  • New recipes for fishing bait have been added to the level 5~9 cookbooks.
  • Somewhere between 150 and 200 fish have been added, each with their own effect and use.
  • Roughly 100 maps are compatible with fishing. At the minute, this is limited to the mainland of Rune-Midgard, Schwartzwald and Arunafeltz.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do I start!?
    • Speak to the Fishing Tutor in Aldebaran (Located at 148, 228 | /navi Aldebaran 148/228) and he will give you some bait, a fishing rod and a slap on the arse and away you go! The world is your oyster! Yeah alright, that wasn't the best pun, but you really can fish pretty much wherever you want!
  • Ok, now what?
    • When you equip the fishing rod, you'll find there is a fishing skill in the misc. tab of your skill list. To use this skill, you must have some bait equipped, which works exactly like arrows do. After that, you just need to go find some water and you're done!
  • But which water?
    • Well, I painstakingly went around and edited most of the Rune-Midgard, Schwartzwald, Arunafeltz and localisation (though these have no fish as of yet) towns' field maps to allow any water to be fishable! In total I edited over 100 maps that have fishable water in!
  • Really? What's the catch?
    • None really! We've limited it to field maps - for obvious reasons - and town maps only within the "old world" of RO. You might find some bodies of water are too shallow to fish in (and some just don't have any fish in them), or some cliffs or mountains might be too steep to throw a rod over. But overall, there really are over 100 maps in which you can fish!
  • What's the rewards then?
    • Each individual fish has its own effect. You'll find some fish heal you for HP, some for SP, some for both! Some fishies fetch a high price when sold to a merchant. Some fishes can be eaten to give temporary status boosts or bonuses. Some are really rare and hard to catch, giving you huge EXP boosts!

Fishing Rods

Item ID Rod Name Fishing Level
40305 Old Rod 1
40306 Oak Rod 2
40307 Good Rod 3
40308 Bamboo Rod 4
40309 Amazing Rod 5

Fishing Bait

Item ID Bait Name
40320 Smelly Sock Bait
40321 Wiggly Worm Bait
40322 ChonChon Bait
40323 Chum Bait
40324 Phen Bait
40325 Fish Blood Bait
40326 Fumbi Bait
40327 Bokashi Bait
40328 Ballyhoo Bait
40329 Boilie Bait


Item ID FishName Image
40350 Bronzefish Bronzefish.png
40351 AuroaLee AuroaLee.png
40352 Bluewater Guppy Bluewater Guppy.png
40353 Riversquire Riversquire.png
40354 Pondly Fish Pondly Fish.png
40355 Aquahorse Aquahorse.png
40356 Nippler Nippler.png
40357 Crabbie Crabbie.png
40358 Kod Kod.png
40359 Icewalker Icewalker.png
40360 Angelfish Angelfish.png
40361 Bigeye Bigeye.png
40362 Pow Fish Pow Fish.png
40363 Sheatfish Sheatfish.png
40364 Marlin Marlin.png
40365 Flyingfish Flyingfish.png
40366 Garden Eel Garden Eel.png
40367 Browntrout Browntrout.png
40368 Noodlefish Noodlefish.png
40369 Plaice Plaice.png
40370 Silverfish Silverfish.png
40371 Pike Pike.png
40372 Karp Karp.png
40373 Riverknight Riverknight.png
40374 Basset Basset.png
40375 Fat Guppy Fat Guppy.png
40376 Riverprince Riverprince.png
40377 Sealy Fish Sealy Fish.png
40378 Nullfish Nullfish.png
40379 Goldfish Goldfish fish.png
40380 Alfonsae Alfonsae.png
40381 Chinook Salmon Chinook Salmon.png
40382 Clownfish Clownfish.png
40383 Glassfish Glassfish.png
40384 Platinumfish Platinumfish.png
40385 Ferandae Ferandae.png
40386 Destroyer Salmon Destroyer Salmon.png
40387 Moorish Idol Moorish Idol.png
40388 Red Velvetfish Red Velvetfish.png
40389 Uranumfish Uranumfish.png
40390 Robertae Robertae.png
40391 Airkraftkarrier Salmon Airkraftkarrier Salmon.png
40392 Sturgeon Sturgeon.png
40393 Riverqueen Riverqueen.png
40394 Riverking Riverking.png
40395 Mandel Mandel.png
40396 Viperfish Viperfish.png
40397 Trumpeteer Trumpeteer.png
40398 Bass Kicker Bass Kicker.png
40399 Anchovy Anchovy.png
40400 Digibass Digibass.png
40401 Giant Shark Giant Shark.png
40402 Hammerhead Hammerhead.png
40403 Catfish Catfish.png
40404 Rune Carp Rune Carp.png
40405 Schwartzwald Haddock Schwartzwald Haddock.png
40406 Joan of Trout Joan Of Trout.png
40407 Geffenian Flounder Geffenian Flounder.png
40408 Southern Oyster Southern Oyster.png
40409 Izlian Shrimp Izlian Shrimp.png
40410 Seasnail Seasnail.png
40411 Pikey Pike Pikey Pike.png
40412 Sand Tuna Sand Tuna.png
40413 Rocktopus Rocktopus.png
40414 Fresh Salmon Fresh Salmon.png
40415 Cherax Spawn Cherax Spawn.png
40416 Comatoise Comatoise.png
40417 Harbour Puffer Harbour Puffer.png
40418 Wahoo Wahoo.png
40419 Warmwater Trout Warmwater trout.png
40420 Shiny Lobster Shiny Lobster.png
40421 Barbie Shrimp Barbie Shrimp.png
40422 Bubblyfish Bubblyfish.png
40423 Fishtail Fishtail.png
40424 Boltfish Boltfish.png
40425 Placeholder Fish Placeholder Fish.png
40426 Aruna Dagger Aruna Dagger.png
40427 Goldean Goldean.png
40428 Pinocchio Nose Pinocchio Nose.png
40429 Zombisalmon Zombisalmon.png
40430 Starfish Starfish.png
40431 Mutti Fisch Mutti Fisch.png
40432 Ebony Eel Ebony Eel.png
40433 Seascorpion Seascorpion.png
40434 Waterskipper Waterskipper.png
40435 Dragonfish Dragonfish.png
40436 Bahamut Bahamut.png
40437 Guardish Guardish.png
40438 Terra Piscis Terra Piscis.png
40439 Poison Puffer Poison Puffer.png
40440 Koenigslachs Koenigslachs.png
40441 Oscar Oscar.png
40442 Jellyfish Jellyfish.png
40443 Piranha Piranha.png
40444 Heartfish Heartfish.png
40445 Beafix Beafix.png
40446 Mudfish Mudfish.png
40447 Monkfish Monkfish.png