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Exquisite Cooking Quest



Greetings Midgardians! We are happy to release a new Cooking Quest for all of you aspiring chefs! To begin this quest, one must finished the per-requisite of the Cooking Quest as well as equipping a Chef's Hat. Then you must locate Head Chef Gordon (Eden Mall at 130, 86) with the requirements from above and you will undergo the Sous Chef training! However, if you do not have any or one of the requirements, Head Chef Gordon will shoo you away.

Take note that not everyone has the skills to overcome the ordeals of becoming a Sous Chef, and Head Chef Gordon is here to whip you into shape and to ensure you do not bring shame to the Culinary World. But if you think you got what it takes, then press forward onto this new worldly quest!

The Quest

There are three parts to this quest;

  • First one is getting approved by Head Chef Gordon by creating 50 Level 10 Food Items, so get crafting!
  • Note: Any Food item works for this, you also can use foods obtained from Old Green Boxes or Treasure Baskets.
  • Note: Food items from some boxes do not work, ie: Stew of Immortality Box.
  • Second, is to answer a test to ensure you know what you are knowledgeable about the food world and you are not some wannabe Sous Chef.
  • You will be asked 10 Questions (in random order, in case you need to redo them). It's highly recommended to use rms or similar tools for help.
  • Thirdly, you will have to create 3 different stat food related item; meaning, you have to craft 3 different foods from the same category. For example, if you were given the category of STR, then you will craft 3 different STR items. Then Head Chef Gordon will inspect your dishes to see if you qualify for the Exquisite Cooking Book.
  • Note: Any Food item works for this, you also can use foods obtained from Old Green Boxes or Treasure Baskets.
  • Note: Food items from some boxes do not work, ie: Food Box Vol 2.


Items required for the creation (aside the Ingredients below):


All Exquisite Foods have a 10min duration.

Food ID Stat Ingredients Effect
Savage Full Roast 200001 STR 50 Meat
25 Royal Jelly
15 Red Chile
10 Illusion Flower
10 Will of Red Darkness
5 Charcoal
STR +10
ATK +5%
HIT +50
Drosera Herb Salad 200003 AGI 50 Maneater Blossom
25 Yggdrasil Leaf
15 Aloevera
10 Sweet Sauce
10 Valhalla Flower
5 Cheese
AGI +10
ASPD +5%
FLEE +50
Minor Stew 200005 VIT 50 Meat
25 Yggdrasil Berry
15 Potato
10 Fire Dragon Scale
10 Spicy Sauce
5 Animal Gore
VIT +10
Max HP +5%
Soft DEF -8
Warg Blood Cocktail 200000 INT 50 Rotten Meat
25 Holy Water
15 Monster Juice
10 Mother's Nightmare
10 Yggdrasil Berry
5 Animal Gore
INT +10
MATK +5%
Heal Potency +3%
Siroma Iced Tea 200002 DEX 50 Ice Cubic
25 Morning Dew of Yggdrasil
15 Fluorescent Liquid
10 Aloe
10 Ice Scale
5 Sweet Sauce
DEX +10
Ranged Damage +5%
After Cast Delay -3%
Petite Tail Noodles 200004 LUK 50 Dragon Tail
25 White Herb
15 Abrasive
10 Four Leaf Clover
10 Tantan Noodle
5 Savory Sauce
LUK +10
Critical Damage +5%
Perfect Dodge +5

Title Rewards

Now that you are knowledgeable about what will undergo during this ordeal, we bring you new achievement titles to be earned!

  • Sous Chef
    • Complete Exquisite Cooking Quest
  • Master Chef
    • Create 50 of each Exquisite Food Item
  • Executive Chef
    • Create 200 of each Exquisite Food Item

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