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Regular Mode

This style of event allows any player to participate. There is only 1 restriction that will not allow you to participate:

Novice Mode

Novice mode is a style of event where it restricts access on who is allowed to enter. It can be activated in any of the normal events and you will not be allowed to participate in this style of event if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • You are not a NORMAL Novice. You will not be able to join if you are a Baby Novice, High Novice, Super Novice, or any other non-Novice class.
  • You are higher than level 1.
  • You have ANY items in your inventory.

It is advised that you create a level 1/1 Novice ahead of time so you are prepared in case an event with this mode is started.


Death by Boolean Response

This event is one of Conspiracy's original and favorite events.


  • The players are warped to a map with two areas with marks 'x' and 'o'.
  • The game master broadcasts a question that can be answerable by two options, mostly 'yes' or 'no'.
  • The players then choose the answer they feel is correct, if they choose 'yes', they run to 'o', if not, they run to 'x'.
  • The GM then counts to five after broadcasting the question.
  • If players still haven't chosen after the GM finishes counting, the GM kills them.
  • The players who get the wrong answers die.
  • Rinse and Repeat until a winner is chosen.

Death by Dice


  • The players are warped to a map with four areas with numbers 1-4.
  • The players can choose whichever number they'd sit on until the round is over, and the GM counts to five.
  • Whoever hasn't chosen a box by the time the GM finishes counting dies.
  • After the GM has finished counting, he/she rolls a die by typing the /dice emoticon.
  • Whichever number from 1-4 appears dies.
  • Occasionally, a recourse round will be held in which the number rolled lives (i.e. If #1 is rolled, everyone in #1 lives). The rest die. Brace yourselves, it'll appear at random.
  • If 5 or 6 are rolled, the die is rendered useless and the GM rolls again.
  • This continues on and on until there is only one survivor left.

Guess Who?


  • The GM goes to the main vending town, Payon, and chooses an innocent vendor.
  • After having chosen the vendor to be involved with the event, the GM chooses a map, and sits on it with a passworded chat room up.
  • Basically what happens next is the GM announces clues on who the vendor is and to where the GM is.
  • Once the player determines who the GM is describing, the player runs to the GM and types the password in the chat room to enter.
  • Voila! A winner is you!

Hide and Seek


  • The GM randomly chooses a map from the game, sits on it and broadcasts clues on where he/she is to the server.
  • The player who first finds the GM wins.
  • Determining the winner may vary from the GM sitting with a chat room open to the first player who successfully types whichever it is the GM asks them to say.

Pokemon Battle


  • The GM sends you to a map with two rooms marked either "X" or "O".
  • Two GMs either by themselves or through voting choose two monsters to go head to head.
  • The player votes on which will win by going to either room "X" or room "O".
  • If your monster dies you lose and a GM comes to kill you.
  • Repeat the bloody deaths.

Scavenger Hunt


  • The GM either posts a thread in the forum, or announces ingame which items he/she wants, then announces where he/she will be (usually a town).
  • Players gather these items within the time limit and head to where the GM is.
  • The player trades these items to the GM or his/her alt.
  • First 3 players to trade the correct items within the time limit wins.

Time Bomb

This event is one of Conspiracy's original and favorite events.


  • Here the GM picks a random town, disguises him/herself as a bomb and leave a passworded chat room open.
  • He/she broadcasts to the whole server clues on which town he/she is and say how much time there is left before the town is doomed to face eternal damnation.
  • The GM then broadcasts clues on the password to stop the explosion, and if no one guesses right before the time is up, massive bombs of porings rise from the ground and explode.
  • If, however, a player breaks the code, the explosion is stopped and the town is saved.... for now.