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ID: 42655
Slots: 2
Tradable: No
Storage-able: Yes
Vendable: No
Equipped On: Weapon
Class: Unknown
Attack: 15
Element: Neutral
Weapon Level: 4
Equippable By: Swordsman Class, Merchant Class, Thief Class, Novice Class
Required Level: 250

Item Description

A hammer-axe said to be as light as an angel's wing, but as durable as Emperium. It's said it doesn't need a furnace as it produces its own heat.

  • STR +3.
  • HIT +50.
  • ATK +5%, plus extra (1 *Refine)%.
  • Has a chance to auto-cast Wide Burning when attacking.
  • [Speciality Bonus: Whitesmith]: Increases ATK by 6 per each level of each "Smithing" skill you have (maximum of 126).

How To Obtain This Item



Script is currently unknown.