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Custom RDC Equipment


These pieces of equipment are special items that are earned by a player completing the Royal Operations Quest. These equipments can give the user certain bonuses that rival donates. They aren't as powerful as regular premium equipment, but they are close and are useful for people who can't or won't donate to get them.

Custom RDC Equipment is character bound. You may only receive 1 per character, even if you acquire the amount of tickets again. These items are classified as donate, so they will be unavailable to use in any "Non-Donate" areas.

RDC Helm

Note: This item can take on the appearance sprite of any headgear you bring it. If you bring it a headgear, he will take it and you won't get it back. Any cards on the headgear are also lost.
If you choose not to bring him a headgear, he can provide you with a custom sprite. The sprites you can choose are: Leaf Tiara, Drooping Deviruchi, Wicked Lily, or Piamette Band. You may visit the Dressing Room to see what these look like. The custom sprites, if you don't bring a headgear to use, are not free however. They cost 50,000,000 Zeny.
Note 2: You can only choose an "UPPER" headgear as RDC Helm, any "Upper&Middle", "Middle", etc head gear will not work.

  • Complete the Royal Operations Quest and collect fifty (50) royal operation tickets. Speak to the NPC to purchase the Helm Claim Ticket.
  • Take the claim ticket to the other RDC Equipment Officer against the other wall. Tell him you are ready and start the process.
  • Choose whether or not you want a custom sprite, or trade in one of your head gears for the sprite.

Effect Selection:

  • Choose ONE effect from each line to make your new headgear's effect. The amount for the bonus is +30:
    • Strength(STR) OR Intelligence (INT)
    • Dexterity (DEX) OR Vitality (VIT)
    • Agility (AGI) OR Luck (LUK)
  • Choose ONE effect from each set below to complete your new headgear. The amount for the bonus is +10%:

  • When finished, he will give you your new headgear with the sprite you chose.

Note: The headgear's sprite, effect, or both can be changed by paying 25 Operational Credits at the RDC Officer NPC that you got it from.

RDC Armor

Not Implemented

RDC Weapon

Not Implemented

RDC Shield

Not Implemented

RDC Shoes

Not Implemented

RDC Accessory

Not Implemented