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Cowlick (Black) (Extension)

Cowlick (Black) (Extension)
ID: 41804
Tradable: Yes
Storage-able: Yes
Vendable: No
Slots: 0
Defence: 0
Equipped On: Accessory
Equippable By: All Classes
Required Level: None

Item Description

A wig that always bouncing whenever you move.

  • Costume - No Effect

This Item comes with different color Variants.
All of them can be obtained by recolor them in Mall at Recolour Meowster.
Use @id [number] to see the display picture.

  • Cowlick (Black) [id 41804]
  • Cowlick (Blonde) [id 41805]
  • Cowlick (Green) [id 41806]
  • Cowlick (Purple) [id 41807]
  • Cowlick (Ginger) [id 41808]
  • Cowlick (Brown) [id 41809]
  • Cowlick (Blue) [id 41810]
  • Cowlick (White) [id 41811]

How To Obtain This Item