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Cooking Quest

Base Level: 50
Item(s) (Consumed): Food Creation Items
Item(s) (Not Consumed): 1 Chef Hat (Equipped)
Experience: Base EXP: Job EXP:
None None
Quest Reward(s): Access to level 1-5 Cookbooks
Purchasable Outdoor/Home Cooking Kits
Allows you to cook stat foods

1. Go to Prontera and head north to the Prontera Castle. Once inside, turn left and head off to the basement. Talk to Madeleine Chu and tell her "I want to learn how to be a cook". She will ask you to speak to her master, Charles Orleans. In order for him to notice your enthusiasm, you will be asked to wear a cook's hat.

  • Note: You must equip a Chef Hat in order to continue after this point.

2. With the Chef Hat equipped, talk to Charles Orleans. After talking to him, he will choose a random Level 1 dish that he will need to cook. You will need to bring him the ingredients for the dish that he will make. Possible dishes and its ingredients that he will ask you include:

Level 1 Dish Required Items

Fried Grasshopper Legs
5 Grasshopper's Leg
1 Old Frying Pan
1 Cooking Oil

Grape Juice Herbal Tea
2 Red Potion
3 Grape

Steamed Crab Nippers
1 Yellow_Potion
10 Green Herb
10 Nipper

Frog Egg Squid Ink Soup
1 Bag of Grain
10 Spawn
1 Squid Ink

Honey Grape Juice
1 Red Potion
2 Grape
1 Honey

Fried Monkey Tails
5 Yoyo Tail
1 Old Frying Pan
1 Cooking Oil

3. After bringing him the required items, he will teach you and guide you on how to cook the dish together. After your successful cooking, he will give you the food item that was created.

  • Note: You may want to hold onto the dish that you received as you will need it.

4. After creating your first dish, return to Madeleine and she will give you a:

Level 1 Cookbook
10 Outdoor Cooking Kit

Ask her if she wants to see your cooking. You will then be asked to create one of each Level 1 Dish. Refer to the above table on the required ingredients for each food item.

5. Once you have all 6 of the Level 1 Dishes, bring them to Madeleine and she will wrap it up on a bundle. She will then ask you to bring it to a man in Payon.

6. Go to Payon and deliver the bundle of food to a Servant (Located at 208, 127). Talk to him and tell him that "Actually, Madeleine sent me...".

7. Return to Madeleine and she will reward you with:

At this point, Madeleine will allow you to buy Outdoor Cooking Kit for 500 Zeny or Home Cooking Kit for 1000 Zeny.

8. Talk to Charles Orleans once again. He will now let you use his other cookbooks if you help him with some items he needs.

Level 1 Cookbook -  10 Pumpkin
Level 2 Cookbook -  5 Well-Baked Cookie
Level 3 Cookbook -  5 Sushi
Level 4 Cookbook -  5 Bao
Level 5 Cookbook -  10 Shoot 
  • Note: Higher level cookbooks are dropped by monsters.