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Character Swapper


This handy system will allow you to rearrange how your characters are displayed in the Character Selection screen. It will enable you to move a character from their current location to an empty spot, or swap two character's locations. This is purely a cosmetic look, and there is no real benefit from having a character in 1 slot or another. However, with all things in life, nothing comes free. There is a small fee of 100 Premium Points that must be paid to use the NPC once.

How to use

  • First, warp to Prontera (@go 0) and walk to the northwest corner of the center area. Speak to the Character Manager (Located at 138, 233)
  • Agree to use his services and select the first character you want to move.
  • After that, select the second character you want to the first one to switch places with, or choose an empty slot to just move it on the empty position.
  • After you have chosen both, confirm that you want to swap them and it will be done. You can see the result on the character selection screen.