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Blood will Have Blood



Letter Content:
--"(Player Name), greetings, Anacletus here. I wanted to inform you of my speedy recovery. With which I owe you a life debt, for without you I would no be here today.
--I must see you in person, my dear friend; it has been too long since we last spoke. I await your arrival at the Outpost on Faroe Island.
--Warmest Regards--

Entering The Abbey

  • From Glastheim (P), head south 2 maps until you reach far_isld02. From there, head West 1 map. You should be located on far_isld03 now.
Note: If you have already completed The Nightmare Within Quest, you may use the orb to teleport directly to Faroe Island Outpost.
  • These maps can be a bit of a maze, so to get to the bottom of the map where you need to go, head up and over to the staircase located at 179, 322. Screenshot
  • When you reach the staircase, head down to the very bottom of the map. You should locate a group of NPCs (Located at 285, 90) Screenshot
  • Speak to the 'Serious-looking Man', Sporus. He will tell you that Anacletus left for Faroe Harbour.
  • From Faroe Island Outpost, head 1 map North, 1 map West then 1 more map North to Faroe Island Harbour and talk to Captain Fisheye (Located at far_harb 113, 42). Screenshot.
  • Complete the Grab yer Sealegs! Quest.
  • Talk to the sailor on the left side of Faroe Island Harbour Map. He will send you to The Abbey.
  • Talk to the Monk at The Abbey. He'll introduce himself as Monk Jungney.
  • Head towards the center of the map and enter the building. (Located at nameless_ip 160, 184). Screenshot.
Note: It's recommended that you save warp here as you will need to enter the Abbey later.
  • Follow the left side path all the way to the end and head up the stairs to find Monk Jungney (Located at Abbey01p 117, 54). Screenshot.
  • Exit, Re-enter the Map and return to Monk Jungney and talk to Bishop Hibram who's appeared beside Monk Jungney. He'll tell you that Anacletus has been caught and the passage way is guarded by Glastian Knights.
  • Head downstairs (Screenshot.) and proceed to the top left corner of the courtyard to find a group of Glastian Knights. Screenshot.
  • Speak to the Captain. He will ask you to provide him and his knights with a random amount of Case of Hermit's Wine each.
  • Head back outside to The Abbey and head West 1 map.

Obtaining the Case of Hermit's Wines

To obtain Case of Hermit's Wine:

(This can be obtained via a combination of P's from Warg's Blood and/or LPP's from Rare Red Grapes.

Climbing Via Redemption

  • Return to the group of Glastian Knights and hand over specified Case of Hermit's Wine. He will now grant you access through the Secret Passage. Screenshot.
  • Head directly right to find Anacletus. He will brief you on his situation and ask you to follow his assailants.
  • Exit the building and head 2 maps west. You should now be located on abby_tem01.
  • Follow the path and head right at the intersection to find Monk Thokmay. He will tell you that Anacletus' assailant party has passed by, however you may not proceed Via Redemption without permission, which is granted by a Bishop. Screenshot.
  • Return to the building in The Abbey and talk to Monk Jungney. He will inform you that Anacletus has already spoken to the Bishop on your behalf and obtained the Via Redemption access for you.
  • Head back to abby_tem01 and take the left route at the intersection. Enter the portal at the end of the path to reach abby_tem02.
  • Walk up to the very top, to find a cutscene between Cynthia and the ArchBishop.
    Abby tem02Minimap.jpeg
Note: Your character will be in hiding during this exchange thus monsters won't attack you.
  • Return to Anacletus back in the Secret Passage.
  • This quest is now complete.

Required Items

Warg's Blood and Rare Red Grapes to be exchanged at Dorothy at a rate of 2:1


Shadow of the Raven
Grab yer Sealegs!


  • The number of Case of Hermit's Wine required will vary from individual to individual. (Confirmed possible amounts are: 8, 12 or 16 Case's of Hermit Wine)

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