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* [[Reveuse]]
* [[Reveuse]]
=Transparency disclosure about Game Masters=
=Transparency disclosure about Game Masters=

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Administrators do behind-the-scenes work like custom quests, bug fixes, and the development of Revival. They're pretty much very busy people, so don't bug them too much!


Advisers help advise management with important decisions.

  • -/-


Gamemasters deal with player issues like hacking/scamming issues, reports, events, and general support.

  • Lead Gamemaster
  • Senior Gamemaster
  • -/-
  • Gamemaster
  • Trainee Gamemaster
    • -/-

Community Helpers

Community Helpers help Staff and the player base with general basic game play.

  • -/-


Moderators are in charge of keeping the forum clean.

  • -/-

Retired Gamemaster

Gamemasters that stepped back from their position.

Transparency disclosure about Game Masters

Game Masters are players who volunteered to help run the game during their free time, they're restricted, monitored and heavily punished for any mistakes they do. Game Masters are also entitled to a lot of restrictions in-game and in their tools making it nearly impossible to abuse their powers.

What are the duties of a Game Master?

Community moderating and support

  • Disciplinary measures - mutes, jails, etc
  • Help desk, Web Help desk and Forums
  • Hosting events

Testing and polishing of new content before release

  • This includes Seasonal events, new quests, revamping old features and newly released content


  • Testing new features
  • Bug reporting
  • Helping to reduce possible conflicts with other contents and testing edge cases for balance concerns.

Feedback collecting

  • They work as a bridge between the players and management, they collect feedback in a neutral manner and provide their feedback on their own, they also make sure to follow all latest in-game trends, concerns and frustrations from the players.

Game Masters accounts

GMs usually hold two accounts, a Game Master account and their usual in-game legit accounts, those are separated and doesn't influence each other in any means.

  • A Game Master account with commands and access to GM Tools to help them with their jobs.
  • A legit player account, which is a normal account with no additional commands or abilities. In other words, a legit account has no game play advantages whatsoever compared to a normal player account.

What are the restrictions of a Game Master?

Game Masters cannot

  • Send items, Zeny, Premium Points, Limited Premium Points, or anything else to their legit account or other players (the account is restricted)
  • Give hints or help someone win an event in ANY way
  • Can't log in on their GM account during War of Emperium, Battlegrounds or PvP if they're participating in it.
  • Can't access WoE, Battlegrounds or PvP maps with the GM account if they're undergoing. Reports about abuse and afkers can only be checked by Admins during these times.
  • Can't take key roles in WoE.
  • Can't, IN ANY WAY, use commands to favor their legit account or a legit account of another GM
  • They do not hold access to any of the server component or server game files, therefore just like any other player all unknown mechanics like rates of casting spells from items etc is also unknown to them.

Commands used by Game Masters are heavily monitored by Admins and other Game Masters. If an odd behavior is noticed, the Game Master breaking the rules will be kicked out and be stripped of their powers, on top of their legit account being banned.

Regular Game Masters have their GM account restricted: they can't deal, send or remove items to/from others in any way. The Lead Game Master has the ability to handle items. They are GMs trusted by the higher-ups. They can only send and remove items if it's strictly necessary (Eg. Oopsy Policy, Items lost through bugs, etc.). Items/Zeny/Premium Points/Limited Premium Points sent or removed are monitored. The Lead has to report every items sent personally to the admins and will be punished if the reports don't match the regularly monitored logs.

What if i am suspecting a GM is abusing his power?

Report it immediately to KittyBoy or any of the other Game Admins (Syphon and Muhyo), we will be taking your case seriously and handle it immediately!