Valentine's Event 2020

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Valentine Event 2020

The 2020 Valentine's Event consist of the past years Events going on simultaneously.
The Event takes place from 16th February 2020 till 29th February 2020.


There aren't much changes, beside an increase drop rate of head gears from the Goodie bags and 3 new additional head gears.

Additional head gears for 2020:

Event Exchanger

Duplicated Event items can be exchanged with the Goat Worshipper, in Jawaii. You can find the Goat Worshipper at Jawaii 203 294 (the Heart shaped island).

The Goat Worshipper is willing to take 2 of the same event items (including Valentine's Rose, Cupid's Harp, and Valentine's Event costumes), along with a fee of 5,000,000 zeny to fund and aid the rehabilitation of the goat species.
In the exchange you can get either one of the following options:

  • 1x Valentine Event item (this includes every headgear or costume that can be also found in the bags)
  • 5x Valentine Goodie Bags
  • 5x Valentine's 2018 (1) Goodie Bags

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