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Aphrodite’s Mischief

It’s the Month of Love in Rune Midgard again and Aphrodite decided to play a prank on people by sending out her beloved goats to steal some of the love letters Hermes has to deliver.


You can start the quest by talking to Hermes in Jawaii (239 177; /navi jawaii 239/177) . All players need to finish delivering all of the letters and get back to Hermes before they can hunt for the goodie bags. Be sure to help Hermes with his problem!


Accept his request for help.
Once you did, you need to go kill Goat. You can check on the link where the most of them spawn, or just simply type [@whereis Goat] in game.

Goats drop the letter randomly. Keep killing them until you get 7 different letters.


All seven letters

When you collected all 7 letters it is time for you to deliver them to the right people.

Locations of the receivers:

  • Seylin (alberta_in 154 171) TO Maruin (prt_cas 219 146)
  • Sarah (prontera 254 148) TO Shipping Foreman(alberta_in 20 22)
  • Old Woman (prontera 165 178) TO Marvin (yuno 146 191)
  • Margaret (lhz_dun00a 49 173) Bio Lab Basement
  • Alexander (Louyang 199 129)
  • Daniella (amatsu 268 188)
  • Claire (ayothaya 92 172)

NOTE: The first three will give you a letter in return, you need to then bring that one to the person listed above.

Seylin.jpg Marui.jpg
Seylin is on the 1st floor inside the building. | Maruin is right at the portal when you enter the Prontera Castle.

Sarah.jpg ShippingForeman.jpg

OldWomen.jpg MarvinValen.jpg

Margaret.jpg Alexander.jpg

Daniella.jpg Claire.jpg

When you deliver the letter, the NPCs will reward you with Valentine Goodie Bags.

  • When you finished delivering all letters, return to Hermes and he also will reward you with 3 Valentine Goodie Bags.

Additional Notes

  • An easy way to get to maps where Goats are is by warping to [Juperos Entrance], then move out, then walk to the field on the left side.
  • Goats drop Blue Herbs, you can collect those and sell them to player/ranked Alchemists. They can make ranked Blue Potions out of them, which heal 50% more SP.
  • Once you finished the letter deliver part, the Goats will drop Valentine Goodie Bags instead of Letters.
  • The letter Quest can be done ONCE per character. You can complete the quest with each character on your account.

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