The Three Sisters Quest

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In the abyss of Niflheim, there lies three young sisters who only have each other to rely on. With no other choice, Karenia and Grettie had to grow up in order tr protect their little sister, Nico, from the Mobsters... However, since Nico's birthday is coming soon, Karenia and Grettie wanted to whip something up for them... even if they have to fight over it.


To get started with this quest, one must first talk to either Nico, Karenia, or Grettie in Niflheim (/navi niflheim 241/134). You will need one Red Ribbon in your inventory in order to begin.

  • However! If you do not have the Red Ribbon, then the quest will not active so be sure you have it first!!!
  • The Ribbon will not be consumed by the quest.

Now, you'll be ready to start to save the sisters and to bring them joy again...

In this quest, you will be needed to protect Karenia and Grettie from the Mobsters by playing hide-n-seek with them! You will be warped on a copy of the map (nif_fild01). Unfortunately, they are very stubborn and will only be bribed with cake ... so hit those Mobsters till you get their cakes! So once you've gotten one of their cakes, you can bribe them after you find them. ~

  • The "cakes" aren't actual items in your inventory, you will however get a chat messages when you obtain one.
  • The cakes (by name) dropping are random.


NOTE: Bribing the girls CAN FAIL. If that happens, you need to continue killing the Mobsters (for more cake) and find them again. The Instance ends when both girls (Karenia and Grettie) are at the south exit of the field.

TSQHidden01.jpg TSQHidden02.jpg

After you have saved the two sisters from their demise and their sweet tooth, you'll be able to create 6 Headgears with Karenia at the end.

Required Items

  • Red Ribbon (Not consumed during the Quest)
    • Big Ribbon and Silk Ribbon, for creating the Red Ribbon; can be bought in the Eden Mall.

Further, each Piamette Band needs a different set of items:

1 Red Ribbon
500 Soft Feather
200 Needle Packet
250 Broken Needle
2 White Dyestuff 2 White Dyestuff 1 White Dyestuff2 Cobaltblue Dyestuff 2 White Dyestuff 2 Black Dyestuff
1 Black Dyestuff 1 Scarlet Dyestuff 2 Darkgreen Dyestuff 1 Black Dyestuff 10 Holier Threads 10 Holy Threads
500 Black Hair 500 Golden Hair 500 Horrendous Hair 500 Blue Hair 500 Golden Hair 500 Black Hair


You can only make ONE HEADGEAR PER CHARACTER; so, if you want to make more, you'll have to do the quest more!




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