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Striking.png Striking Skill Info
Striking Info.gif
Type: Supportive Skill
Levels: 5
SP Cost: 45 + (Skill level * 5)
Cast Time: None
Cast Delay: 1 sec
Duration: 60 sec
Target: Self or Ally
Range: None
Element: None
Catalyst: None
(Sage) Flame Launcher Lv1, Frost Weapon Lv1, Seismic Weapon Lv1, Lightning Loader Lv1

Skill Description

Boosts attack (Equipment) and Critical Hit rate of a single target. As long as this skill is active, it will drain SP every second.

LevelBase ATK BoostCRIT BonusSP DrainSP Cost
1(Weapon Level * 10)15 /1 sec50
2(Weapon Level * 12)24 /1 sec55
3(Weapon Level * 14)33 /1 sec60
4(Weapon Level * 16)42 /1 sec65
5(Weapon Level * 18)51 /1 sec70
  • If Bare Handed, this skill will only boost attack based on the Endow skill levels.

ATK Boost = Base ATK Boost + (Sum Of Endow Skills Lv × 5/100 if the user has mastered all of the Endow skills)

Other Notes

  • Can only be used on yourself.
  • SP Cost: 50.
  • Skill Duration 30 sec; Skill Delay 60 sec.
  • Increases ATK by (Weapon level * 50).
  • Increases CRIT chance by (Weapon level * 3)%.



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