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Save the Queen!


Adventures, After the defeat of the Undead King by the adventurers of Midgard, the Royal Family of Geoborg started an investigation into the Niflheim area.
The investigation was conducted by the Queen Catherine D. Geoborg herself, and came to a conclusion that the Undead King was brought to our world by a terrible existence that was able to control it.

A witch with the name of Vanna, according to the legends she was a servant of Jormungandr the World Serpent during the era when the gods created Midgard.

However, after the investigation ended the Queen and her Knights were returning into Prontera's castle but in the road a mysterious fog attacked them and only one member of the expedition was able to make it back. Your assistance is needed to help freeing our Queen and the members of the expedition, also this need to be kept as confidential information since it can cause chaos inside the Royal Palace.

Do you think you've got the guts to face the evil powers? if so, join us defeating it.

  • 2019: The event lasted from 17th January 2019 till 14th February 2019.
  • 2020: The event lasted from 20th January 2020 till 23rd February 2020.
  • 2021: The event lasted from 13th February 2021 till 24th March 2021.


As of 2021:

  • Cool down: 24h
  • Party Size: 3 member minimum
    • Main and Alts/ Alts and Alts are not allowed in the same party
  • Premium Items are allowed inside, except Angra Manyu and Ahura Madhza
  • Max Stat is allowed inside
  • @storage and Yggdrasil Berries can be used inside



To join the rescue searches you will find Knight Kiyom at Prontera (/navi prontera 159/320), don't try to join on your own this search missions is designed for strong parties only!

After entering the lair you will have to fight your way through many strong monster to find the warp leading to the second lair, the warp is random for each time the instance is created, the following is a map of all possible locations and example of where a warp can be.


In the second lair you will have to face a random boss of 4 bosses, you will need to defeat them to move to the third lair, you may face one of the following bosses.

After defeating the boss you may processed to the third lair, you will meet the rest of the adventures at this point, no boss fight required and you may pass on to the final lair.


Reaching the final lair you will have to kill Vanna the witch, after killing her you may roll the dice for the treasure chest for your rewards!



The Event had the following updates/changes in 2020:

  • The cooldown of the instance is 12 hours.
  • The NPC will now say the amount of time left on your cooldown
  • You now need to be in a party of at least three members to start the instance.
  • The equipment and new items obtainable from the event have a slightly higher chance to appear.
  • Boosted amounts of monsters in the first and second map.
  • Added 3 new items to the loot pool.

The following changes have been done to Vanna:

  • Race is now DEMON instead of Undead.
  • Element is now Shadow (3) instead of Undead (1).
  • Max HP is 35 million instead of 15 million.
  • INT was increased to 250.
  • Vanna now also casts Close Confine.

The Event had the following updates/changes in 2021:

  • The cooldown of the instance is 24 hours.
  • Alts are NOT allowed in the same party.


The treasure chest contains various items, including a special new set for anniversary event, costumes, and headgears!




  • Added four special Keys into the rewards (those keys are trade-able). Those keys are an important item for the Arrival of Ragnarok instance.
    • Key of the King's Chamber (ID 92100)
    • Key of Deception (ID 92101)
    • Key of Illusion (ID 92102)
    • Key of Gaiety (ID 92103)
  • Costume: Anniversary Hat got removed from the rewards.

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