Pet Shop

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NPC Used For: PetShop.gif
An NPC that sells all kinds of Pet related items! From food, to accessories, anything can be found here.
Loki Location:
Eden Mall (126, 101)


Item Cost
531.gif Apple Juice 20z
508.gif Yellow Herb 40z
511.gif Green Herb 10z
534.gif Carrot Juice 20z
532.gif Banana Juice 20z
507.gif Red Herb 18z
716.gif Red Gemstone 600z
711.gif Shoot 16z
518.gif Honey 500z
537.gif Pet Food 1,000z
7767.gif Chung E Cake 10,000z
6115.gif Child Dumpling 10,000z
7766.gif Bok Choy 10,000z
7821.gif Green Apple 10,000z
7822.gif Barbeque 10,000z
7823.gif Meat Skewer 10,000z
7824.gif Spirit Liquor 10,000z
6096.gif Blue Fish 10,000z
6097.gif Pumpkin Pie 10,000z
6094.gif Traditional Sweets 10,000z
6114.gif Flame Gemstone 10,000z
6096.gif Blue Fish 10,000z
6098.gif Small Snow Flower 10,000z
6100.gif Damp Darkness 10,000z
6107.gif Sunset on the Rock 10,000z
7892.gif Charcoal 10,000z
7312.gif Big Cell 10,00z
6108.gif Apple Pudding 10,000z
11521.gif Pinguicula Berry Juice 10,000z
1051.gif Piece of Brain 10,000z
1001.gif Star Dust 10,000z
12099.gif Blood Flavored Soda 10,000z


Item Cost
10013.gif Backpack 1,500z
10007.gif Silk Ribbon 20z
10017.gifBark Shorts 20z
100012.gifTiny Egg Shell 20z
10015.gifGreen Lace 20z
10019.gifRed Scarf 20z
10010.gifBattered Pot 20z
10003.gifTransparent Head Protector 20z
10002.gifMonster Oxygen Mask 20z
10018.gifMonkey Circlet 20z
10014.gifRocker Glasses 2,000z
10009.gifWild Flower 20z
10008.gifPunisher 20z
10020.gifGrave Keeper's Sword 20z
10005.gifWig 20z
10006.gifQueen's Hair Ornament 20z
10016.gifGolden Bell 20z
10011.gifStellar Hairpin 20z
10004.gifPacifier 20z
10001.gifSkull Helm 20z
10031.gifRing of Death 20z

Taming Items

Item Cost
643.gif Pet Incubator 3,000z
619.gif Unripe Apple 30,000z
620.gif Orange Juice 30,000z
621.gif Bitter Herb 30,000z
622.gif Rainbow Carrot 30,000z
623.gif Earthworm the Dude 30,000z
624.gif Rotten Fish 30,000z
625.gif Rusty Iron 30,000z
626.gif Monster Juice 30,000z
627.gif Sweet Milk 30,000z
628.gif Well-Dried Bone 30,000z
629.gif Singing Flower 30,000z
630.gif Dew Laden Moss 30,000z
631.gif Deadly Noxious Herb 30,000z
632.gif Fatty Chubby Earthworm 30,000z
633.gif Sweet Potato 30,000z
634.gif Tropical Banana 30,000z
635.gif Orc Trophy 30,000z
636.gif No Recipient 30,000z
637.gif Old Broom 30,000z
638.gif Silver Knife of Chastity 30,000z
639.gif Armlet of Obedience 30,000z
640.gif Shining Stone 30,000z
641.gif Contract in Shadow 30,000z
642.gif Book of the Devil 30,000z
660.gif Forbidden Red Candle 30,000z
661.gif Soft Apron 30,000z