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Within the April 2018 update pet evolutions got introduced to RevivalRO. Selected pets can now evolve.

How to Evolve your pet

  • You must have a Loyal version of the base pet that you want to evolve.
  • You must have the required ingredients with you for the evolution to work.

Pets that can evolve

Evolution's of the common pets.

Pet Items requiered Evolved Pet
Piggy.gif Baby Savage 10 Pet Food
3 Sweet Milk
100 Meat
50 Feathers
SavageEgg.gif Savage
BongunEgg.gif Bongun 1 Bongun Hat
100 Munak Doll
50 Old Portrait
1 Yao Jun Card
HyegunEgg.gif Hyegun
DeviruchiRDC.gif Deviruchi 3 Contract of Shadow
250 Little Evil Wing
30 Hand of God
1 Deviruchi Card
Diabolic.gif Diabolic
DokebiEgg.gif Dokebi 3 Old Broom
3 Violet Dyestuff
300 Dokebi Horn
3 Gold
AmMutEgg.gif Am Mut
DropsEgg.gif Drops 50 Piece of Egg Shell
10 Old Frying Pan
3 Apple Juice
3 Drops Card
EggringEgg.gif Eggring
LunaticEgg.gif Lunatic 100 Huge Leaf
250 Clover
30 Four Leaf Clover
1 Eclipse Card
LeafLunaticEgg.gif Leaf Lunatic
IsisEgg.gif Isis 3 Armlet of Obedience
6 3carat Diamond
1 Queen's Hair Ornament
300 Shining Scale
IsisEgg.gif Little Isis
OrcWarriorEgg.gif Orc Warrior 3 Orc Trophy
1 Orcish Sword
500 Orcish Voucher
1 Cigarette
1 Orc Warrior Card
Lofty Orc.gif High Orc
PecoPecoEgg.gif Peco Peco 10 Pet Food
3 Fat Chubby Earthworm
300 Pecopeco Feather
10 Mastela Fruit
1 Peco Peco Card
GrandPecoEgg.gif Grand Peco
Diminutive Veles.gif Petite 3 Shining Stone
50 Dragon Canine
50 Dragon Tail
150 Aloevera
1 Earth Deleter Card
Diminutive Melinda.gif Deleter
909npc.gif Poring 10 Yggdrasil Leaf
3 Unripe Apple
MasteringEgg.gif Mastering
RockerEgg.gif Rocker 3 Singing Plant
777 Grasshopper's Leg
200 Yellow Herb
1 Metaller Card
MetallerEgg.gif Metaller
YoyoEgg.gif Yoyo 3 Tropical Banana
2 Yoyo Doll
300 Cacao
1 Yoyo Card
ChocoEgg.gif Choco

Evolution's of special pets.

Pet Items required Evolved Pet
ScatletonEgg.gif Scatleton 666 Skel-Bones
250 Rotten Meat
250 Rune of Darkness
SkelionEgg.gif Skelion

Additional Informations

  • Currently the "auto feed" feature for pets is not functioning.

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